10 Best Interesting Places To Explore In North America This 2022

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Before I proceed to my next adventure story towards the South Pacific Ocean, let me tell you about far-flung landscapes and famous sights that I’ve seen in North America that evoke the word “wow.” After two years of border closures and travel restrictions, 2022 is the year to get back to our travel goals and to finally tick off from our bucket list the places that we want to see.

Although new COVID variants may surge, however there are destinations where social distancing and fresh-air activities are the options. No matter what type of a trip you are wishing for, here are 10 best interesting places to explore this 2022 in no particular order.

Alma, New Brunswick, Canada

This pretty coastal town has the best view to the highest tides in the world and no visit to Alma, New Brunswick without without witnessing them at Fundy Bay. A best interesting place to explore this 2022, during low tide which happens every 6 hours you can actually walk on the ocean floor as well which is something that you would never imagine to do when the bay is on the high tide.

Old Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

One of Canada‘s oldest cities, Montreal is a UNESCO city of design. It is filled with an allure of the past that seems more majestic as time goes on. Old Montreal is the historic neighborhood of the city filled with buildings that date back to the 1600s. A best interesting place to explore this 2022, Old Montreal‘s Rue du Sainte Paul , the oldest street in the city is home to historic architectures now turned into shops, galleries and cafes.

Old Town, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Put on a comfortable pair of shoes then follow your path through the only walled city north of Mexico. Get ready to travel back in time in Old Quebec, a best interesting place to explore this 2022 which is the historic and cultural heart of Quebec City, Canada the cradle of French North America. A UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, wander through Old Quebec‘s Petit-Champlain, one of North America‘s oldest shopping streets or see the world’s most photographed hotel, the Chateau Frontenac perched on a hill then have a selfie in front of it.

Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Known for its Scottish culture, Antogonish showcases traditional Scottish music and dances during the Antigonish Highland Games every July. A superb place for outdoor lovers and a haven for cyclists like the Sunrise Trail that runs along Nova Scotia’s northern coast this is truly a best interesting place to explore this 2022. Experience what Nova Scotia was like in the 19th century at Sherbrooke Village where “villagers” are in their period costumes going about in their daily lives.

New Port, Rhode Island, USA

Newport’s Cliff Walk

Known for its Gilded Age mansions which were used as summer homes of America’s wealthy industrialists of the Victorian Age (like the Vanderbilts) Newport in Rhode Island is indeed a best interesting place to explore this 2022. Many of these mansions are open for tours and viewing. Locals and travelers alike love to stroll at its equally-famous Cliff Walk which rises above a rocky coast with beautiful views of Narragansett Bay.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Salinas de Cabo Rojo with the lighthouse at the distance.

Perched on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico is the stunning town of Cabo Rojo. A best interesting place to explore this 2022, this is a hidden treasure of Puerto Rico. Aside from its secluded beaches, the Salinas de Cabo Rojo (salt flats of Cabo Rojo) is also a spectacular tourist magnet while on your way to Las Morillos Lighthouse where you will find salt flats in hues of pink and blue right on the roadside.

Old San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, a best interesting place to explore this 2022 is a walled district in San Juan, Puerto Rico built by the Spanish conquistadors. Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, this historic enclave is located on a little island from the east end of Puerto Rico. A busy hub for tourism, stroll along the 2nd oldest city in the Western Hemisphere (about 465 years old) on foot via its blue-colored cobblestone streets and admire the fully restored buildings in their original splendor.

Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Imagine yourself relaxing on a picture-perfect beach with Mayan-Indian ruins located at the beachfront, indeed this is something that you will not find elsewhere. Tulum, a best interesting place to explore this 2022 was once the site of a Mayan walled city which served as a port of the said empire so it is the only archeological site in the world located along the shores of the Caribbean Sea. In addition to the Mayan ruins, Tulum has also the largest number of cenotes, which are underwater sinkholes noted for their extraordinary clear blue waters.

Guanajato, Mexico

Another charming colonial city of Mexico, Guanajato was once declared by the Spanish as “Real de Minas Guanajato” (1548) for being the hub of world’s silver mining in the 18th century. Today, elegant baroque and neo-classical architectures are the result of the silver extraction especially the Churches whose altars are made of pure gold. A best interesting place to explore this 2022, Guanajato is Mexico‘s most magical city and don’t forget to take a walk at Callejon del Besos (Alley of the Kisses), world’s tiniest lane and a well-known alley wherein if you kiss with your partner in this area, you will have happiness in 7 years.

Callejon del Besos (Alley of the Kisses) in Guajanato, Mexico.

Samana Peninsula, Samana, Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for an underrated paradise where tourists don’t usually flock to then head to Samana. A best interesting place to explore this 2022, the area is known not only for its beautiful beaches and pastel-colored homes but the perfect site to watch humpback whales that come in late winter to early spring to breed at Samana Bay. It also boasts Parque Nacional Los Haitines, a natural wonder wherein it was used as the location site of the film Jurassic Park.


Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

The majestic Lake Louise at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

Canada‘s first National Park, Banff, a best interesting place to explore this 2022 is well-known for its alpine lakes like Lake Louise, snow-capped mountains and waterfalls. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, Banff‘s Lake Louise is the most photographed lake in the world because of its very unique emerald-blue color. Pictures don’t do it justice as to how spectacular the site is that even the sky is jealous of it, surely this image will last with you for a lifetime.

While travel is more challenging at this point in time, there’s still a glimmer of hope. Let’s keep our sights set on what comes next. And maybe the best lesson that we hope to learn this 2022 is that traveling is a right, not a privilege.

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