10 Best Magical Christmas Cities To Visit In The World You May Not Know But Should

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In my latest article, I’ve discussed about the top 10 rare and funny Christmas traditions of some countries that I had visited. This time, let me tell you about how cities around the world metamorphose during this holiday season.

Although the merriment seems different at this time because of the pandemic, these places are sure to offer visitors the chance for an unforgettable Christmas holiday of a lifetime. From stunning Christmas markets and an underground Christmas cave in Europe to a chic city in North America, let me check out with you the 10 best magical Christmas cities to visit in the world that I’ve spotted in my years of sailing around the seven seas.

1. Valkenburg, The Netherlands

Set in a maze of alleys of caves below the town of Valkenburg is Europe‘s oldest and largest underground Christmas market. A best magical Christmas city to visit, the underground caves of Valkenburg not only showcase unparalleled handicrafts and preserved mural paintings that date back to the Roman times but a true-to-life Santa with his reindeers. The market starts in the middle of November until December 24 with the whole town that transforms into a glittering winter wonderland.

2. Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

What a snowier and best magical Christmas city to visit than Rovaniemi, Lapland in Finland. Imagine yourself waking up in a Christmas morning with the sight of the Northern Lights draped on the Arctic sky or Santa’s sleigh dashing across the frozen winter wonderland. Kids are also given the chance to bake cookies with Mrs. Claus or enroll in Elf School at the Santa Claus Village as well.

3. Strasbourg, France

Certainly a best magical Christmas city to visit, Strasbourg offers you a succession of themed Christmas villages that changes this beautiful town into a remarkable fantasy land. An astonishing fairy tale spot of holiday sights and gastronomic delights, here in Strasbourg you will absolutely experience a real Christmas vibe especially the variously-themed Yuletide stalls that will bring you to a holiday wonderland. With about 300 shops and one of Europe‘s biggest, Christkindelmarik market has been around since the 1570s.

4. Bruges, Belgium

Throughout the year, Bruges is underrated but in December, this place becomes the best magical Christmas city to visit as it evolves into a winter glow. The town’s medieval architecture comes alive with the sparkling lights surrounded by cozy Christmas stalls brimming with local arts and crafts where you can enjoy a steaming Belgian chocolate drink or gluhwein, the country’s holiday mulled wine.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

The heart of hygge (coziness), Copenhagen is the best magical Christmas city to visit during the Yuletide season. The most lively and affordable capital in the Scandinavian region, this is a Christmas destination where its activities are accessible. Its famous Tivoli Gardens, where Disneyland got its inspiration creates a magnificent highlight for this joyous season. Don’t forget to explore Nyhavn District, Copenhagen‘s iconic waterfront.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

The cultured Scottish capital of Edinburgh, is a historically cosmopolitan and a best magical Christmas city to visit in the world. Enjoying a distinct setting with the view of Edinburgh Castle rising from the flat landscape of this ancient city, spending the Yuletide season here is overwhelming and special. Just like the other cities in Europe, Edinburgh has its share of Christmas markets at East Princes Street between the Old Town and the New Town. Of course you can also have the opportunity to explore Edinburgh Castle or stroll through the Royal Mile encountering bagpipers along the way.

7. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

My grandniece, Zoe Ballesteros in Montreal.

Combining the “savoir faire” of two cultures (English and French), Canada‘s 2nd largest megapolis and a best magical Christmas city to visit, Montreal offers a lot of activities. Enjoy a Victorian Christmas at the Sir George-Etienne Cartier National Historic Site and get involved in a Christmas card-making class. Browse the shops for gifts to take back home at the Holiday Alley in Old Montreal or grab a cup of mulled wine at the Village de Noel de Montreal (Christmas Market of Montreal.

8. Gdansk, Poland

As soon as the Christmas air sets in, the warm vibe of this stunning port city goes into high gear. A best magical Christmas city to visit, highlights of the festive season here in Gdansk include advent windows, a sleigh ride simulator and a talking deer or elk.

9. Oslo, Norway

Just when the last leaf has fallen in Oslo, a best magical Christmas city to visit, the branches of trees come alive with bright lights everywhere. Karl Johans Gate or Youngstorget, the main avenue is set up with stalls that sell festive merchandise. From concerts to choirs, entertainment activities are organized on the streets, bus and train stations.

10. Coburg, Germany

The town of Prince Albert, husband to England’s Queen Victoria and where the Christmas tree had originated, visitors love Coburg in summer because of its stunning castles. And in the Yuletide season, Coburg puts up a Christmas market with its historic buildings at the background that make it a best magical Christmas city to visit. You can indulge with a lot of treats such as the spiced wine or a gingerbread cookie at the Christmas village or experience a romantic ride in a carriage at the inner part of the city.

Beyond the borders of religion and location, Christmas will forever be a global celebration. And spending this joyous event at a “magical place” will make you feel like you are walking inside a real fairy tale story. Just be sure to check out for some COVID-19 restrictions at the area and that you are fully vaccinated with a booster jab to ensure a safe travel experience. Have a merry, little Christmas.

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