10 Ultimate Trending Destinations You Must Visit In South America In 2022

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In my last article, I had discussed about best interesting places to explore in North America this 2022. This time I will be bringing a blend of places that you would like to escape in South America when the time is right, again. A continent that consists of 12 countries, 6 of which I’ve seen is home to varied civilizations and amazing cultures.

The pandemic has suddenly changed how, where and when we can travel but then it is about time to regain the privilege to explore the world again. There are countless spaces to explore in South America and many ways to do it. From the driest place on earth to a city at the end of the world, let’s check out on the ultimate trending destinations in South America this 2022.

Marble Caves, Chile

Based in the part of Chile of General Carrera Lake in South America is a crisscross of caves called “Catedral de Marmol or “Cuevas de Marmol“(The Marble Caves), the most beautiful cave network in the world. As the name suggests, they are made of marble and the colors of these caves range from white to gray then to blue, sometimes a tint of pink comes out. An ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022, access to the Marble Caves is via a small boat from the town of Puerto Rico Ronquillo in Chile, General Carrera Lake is situated between Chile and Argentina and they are best viewed between December-March when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bariloche, Argentina

Famous for skiing, rock climbing and trekking, San Carlos de Bariloche or just Bariloche is an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022. This is a Swiss-inspired town in Argentina filled with wooden chalets, ski slopes, hiking trails, a sprawling lake and chocolatiers. Many visitors go to Bariloche for its amazing views, breathtaking scenery and its ski resorts are the best in South America.

Huacachina, Peru

Just 4 hours drive from the capital city Lima in Southern Peru is Huacachina, an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022 and the only natural desert oasis in the region. It is also home to the largest sand dunes in the continent, the Ica Desert where you can find an emerald lake (or lagoon) famous for its medicinal qualities. Huacachina is the perfect place for sand boarding and dune buggy tour.

Machu Picchu, Peru

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World and inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, Machu Picchu, an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022 is the ancient Inca site built in Cusco, Peru during the 1400s but only discovered in 1911. Rising 7,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains, it is made up of more than 150 buildings varying from baths to houses then temples and sanctuaries with 150 separate flights of stairs. Sometimes called as “The Lost City of the Incas” because the Spanish conquistadors never found it, the purpose as to why this site was built remains a mystery up to this day and don’t forget to have your passport stamped at the entrance when you visit Machu Picchu.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

One of the world’s most spectacular falls and spanning between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is definitely an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022. Widely considered as the most beautiful waterfall on the planet, it has been named as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011 and it consist of 275 falls. The most impressive is the Devil’s Throat, a u-shaped downpour that marks exactly the border of both countries and as the water thunders into it, it produces a deep roar and a huge amount of mist create unbelievable rainbows at the area which is just pure magic.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Stashed in the shadow of snow-capped Andes Mountains, Chile‘s Atacama Desert is the driest non-polar desert on earth and an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022. Unfolding from Northern Peru to Northern Chile, Atacama is often compared to Mars as its panorama and soils are unique which make it a popular film location of several movies and TV series (like A Space Odyssey). It is actually one of the top 3 destinations in Chile, the other two are Easter Island and General Carrera Lake.

Sanctuario de las Lajas, Columbia

It is a beautiful church in Columbia that is built in a deep ravine of Guitara River which is believed to be the spot of an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1754. An ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022, the site of Sanctuario de las Lajas is as impressive as the Church itself, thus it was chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of Columbia in 1994. Often called a jewel of engineering, this cathedral is well-known for its outstanding architecture and its unbelievable legend regarding the appearance of the Blessed Mother together with the occurrence of a mysterious painting of which no one knows of its origin.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Located in El Calafate, Patagounia, Argentina, the Perito Moreno Glacier is considered as the 8th wonder of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. An ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022, Perito Moreno is one of the famous glaciers in the world because of its peculiar aspect which is it grows and advances every day instead of withdrawing. It moves forward at an average of 2 meters a day and as it advances it forms a dam causing a rupture of the glacier, thus creating a unique show aside from having the 3rd largest reserve of fresh water on earth.

Cano Cristales, Columbia

Also known as the “River of Five Colors”, Cano Cristales, an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022 is a river that bewitches with fantastic colors such as yellow, green, blue, black and red shades from its bottom. Found in the mountain range of Serrania de la Macarena, this is a stunning natural wonder that also features waterfalls, caverns and pools making it even more fascinating, with no fish or any other creature in it. Caused by a river weed called macarena clavigera, the colors of Cano Cristales reach their peak between the months of June-December which is the best time to visit and can be reached by booking through an agency in La Macarena, Columbia, the town nearest to this river.

Ushuaia, Argentina

The “city at the end of the world” (or southernmost city in the world) Ushuaia (pronounced oo-swy-ah) is the stepping stone if you want to explore Antartica, said city being the home of the southernmost post office in the world; southernmost natural park; southernmost train ride..etc. A land of legendary attraction, Ushuaia, an ultimate trending destination in South America this 2022 is situated at the Tiera del Fuego island between Argentina and Chile and can be reached by crossing into Chile then take a ferry boat through the Beagle Channel to the island (Tiera del Fuego). If you love to explore unique places, this should be on your list because Ushuaia is the most irresistible part at the end of the world that you can visit in your lifetime.

Southernmost post office in the world in Ushuaia, Argentina.

South America is brimming indeed with superlatives not to mention that it is the home of a wide array of cultures, history, traditions, delectable food and exotic places to explore. May the countries that I’ve mentioned should serve as a guide to your radar for 2022 along with all the reasons why you would want to visit those places. Have a safe and happy journey.

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