6 Instagramable Fjords You Need To See In Your Lifetime Near Mongstad, Norway – North Sea 9

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The Port of Mongstad, Norway

Situated along the Fensfjord, 27 nautical miles off the city of Bergen in Southwestern Norway is Mongstad Port. This is the home of Mongstad Refinery, the largest in Norway. Statoil (Norway’s oil company) or Equinor operates Mongstad Refinery. It has a crude oil terminal with a capacity of 9.5 million barrels.

Mongstad Port has state-of-the-art facilities in receiving crude oil shipped in from the North Sea. From here petrol, diesel, jet fuel (brent oil) and light petroleum products are being exported to world markets.

An Overview On Mongstad:

This is an industrial site in Vestland county, Norway. It is situated on the border of Alver and Austrheim municipalities which has the refinery of Statoil (Equinor). First used in 1975 when Statoil opened its crude oil refinery from the North Sea. And in 1989, Mongstad has been expanded as its annual refining capacity have expanded from 6.5 million tonnes of crude oil to 8 million.

We were in Mongstad in 2001, coming from Trondheim with the Knock An and sailing along Norway‘s famous fjords. So, what is a fjord? It is a long, deep inlet of the sea or ocean. Fjords can be found actually in many countries but those in Norway are more famous and easy to access. They are tourist destinations as well.

These fjords were created by the work of glaciers over millions of years. In Western Norway where Mongstad is situated, fjords flow deep into the land. They are narrow with steep sides or cliffs. And they create a very special kind of character and topography. Here are 6 instagramable fjords you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Norway.

1. Romsdalsfjord

Norway‘s longest fjord at 94 km. and is surrounded by Romsdalspene mountain. It’s also the location of the Alpine town of Aandalsnes. An instagramable fjord you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Romsdalsfjord is also one of the cleanest fjords in Norway. Along this inlet are several islands and hanging valleys.

Aandalsnes is a little town by the Romsdalspene mountains that offer a stunning terrain. Aside from its highlight which is the zig-zag Trollstingen Road mountain pass, it is also the home of Rauma Railway. It is one of the most beautiful train ride in Norway.

Trollstingen Road mountain pass.

The Rauma Railway.

2. Hjoorundfjord

Beneath the peaks of the Sunnmore Alps is Hjoorundfjord. This 35-km long fjord is a wing of a larger inlet called Storfjorden. Surrounded by the Sunnmore mountain range that towers at 5, 600 feet, it makes you seem very small under it when you are sailing along this fjord.

Navigating through this inlet is like passing through a magical forest. Its wooded sides and mountainous framework give a different but beautiful experience. An instagramable fjord you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Norway.

Hjoorundfjord has a wide entrance but as you sail inward to the Sunnmore Alps, it gets narrower and deeper. And dotted on the mountains are farms clinging to the steep terrain.

3. Nordfjord

The 6th longest fjord in Norway, Nordfjord spans a distance of 105 km and 1,854 ft. deep, inward. Sailing through this inlet will take you to Norway‘s beautiful stretch of coastline, spectacular mountains and Jostedalsbreen. It’s mainland Europe‘s biggest glacier. An instagramable fjord you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Norway. The prettiest which Norwegian nature has to offer, Nordfjord is an all in one, natural playground. This region is also home to 7 communities with their distinct cultural heritage well preserved.

The Jostedalsbreen glacier along Nordfjord.

4. Geirangerfjord

Norway‘s most visited fjord, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geirangerfjord. Along its sides are some abandoned farms and impressive waterfalls like the Seven Sisters (de Syv Soostre) and the Suitor (Friaren). Both waterfalls face alongside each other across the Geirangerfjord.

Looking up to the waterfalls from this fjord, it seems that the Suitor is trying to court the Seven Sisters being at the opposite sides. An instagramable fjord you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Norway. Another famous waterfall can be seen along Geirangerfjord which is the Bride’s Veil. It falls finely over the rocks and looks like a thin veil under the sunlight. Geirangerfjord also appeared in the Disney movie, “Frozen”.

5. Sognefjord

Nicknamed as the “King of all the Fjords”, Sognefjord is Norway‘s largest (200 km) and deepest (1,200 meters) inland waterway. It is also the second largest in the world. Sognefjord is considered the most fascinating as it is encircled by steep mountains and hillsides that shift colors with the passing of seasons. An instagramable fjord you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Norway. Sognefjord also extends its way to Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Flam Valley along the Sognefjord.

The whole stretch of Sognefjord is a living museum. Along its course are awesome landscapes and hidden cultural jewels at every bend. It is the setting of the quaint but stunning Flam Valley. This is the last station of the famous Flam Railway, one of the most beautiful train ride in the world. Another village lying along the Sognefjord is Laerdal. It’s where you can find one of Norway‘s epic stave Churches, the Borgund Stave Church.

Borgund Stave Church in Laerdal by the Sognefjord.

6. Hardangerfjord

Cherry trees in blossom along Hardangerfjord.

If Sognefjord is the king of fjords, then Hardangerfjord is the queen. This is Norway’s 2nd longest fjord at 179 km. and a depth of about 800 meters. Second to none, Hardangerfjord offers an impressive scenery that even the most seasoned tourist will find it bewitching. This is Norway‘s orchard as it is famous for its cherry and apple trees. When you sail along this fjord in spring, the mountains at both sides display a riot of colors as the trees bloom in full swing. An instagramable fjord you need to see in your lifetime near Mongstad, Norway. Hardangerfjord is also the cradle of Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue). It’s a rock formation in Norway that extends out horizontally 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda town of the Hardangerfjord region.

The Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue) in Odda along Hardangerfjord.

Norway has a lot of fjords to explore. The list I’ve mentioned here are the ones we passed through when we transported jet fuel from Mongstad Refinery. Voted as one of the world’s priority destinations, the fjords of Norway should be high on your list in the coming year, 2021. Ha en trygg ur.

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