7 Best Fantastic Cities In the World To Go For An Unforgettable New Year 2022

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Throughout the world, people celebrate New Year in almost the same manner like fireworks, dances, songs, street parties with flowing booze and foods aplenty. However, there are some cities that I’ve seen where they have their distinct angle and remarkable setting.

While this year 2021 is still not exactly the return to normal in traveling, there are some countries who have eased their restrictions to vaccinated tourists and if you want to experience the arrival of 2022 into a new height there are places that you can go for a deeper meaning to this event. So let’s check out some best fantastic cities for an unforgettable New Year in the world.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Fleur-de-lis drop in New Orleans.

Home of the Mardi Gras and the destination for one of the best fireworks display in the U.S. during New Year’s Eve, the highlight of the revelry here in New Orleans is the famous Fleur-de-lis drop-in. A best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year, the said drop-in is a kaleidoscope of colors plunged over the Mississippi River while parties rage on until dawn in the French Quarter‘s numerous bars and clubs.

2. Valparaiso, Chile

Snuggled in the hills along the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso in Chile, a best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year is the sight of one of the most lavish New Year’s show in Latin America. Famous for its fireworks extravaganza on its coast, locals watch this event while eating a dozen of grapes at midnight for good luck in the coming year. Chileans party all night as well, and beyond until dawn.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best known for its iconic Carnival, Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is also famous for its year end event, a best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year. Its Copacobana Beach in particular is the center of merriment and fun at this time where people fill the seaside clad in white which is the color of good luck in Brazil dancing samba then they would toss flowers into the Pacific as an offering to the ocean deity, Yemanja. A procession of boats set off the fireworks at the ocean as the countdown to midnight starts.

4. St. Petersburg, Russia

Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

The streets of St. Petersburg, a best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year, are resplendent when they are covered in snow and adorned by holiday lights. On New Year’s Eve, people gather at the Hermitage Museum by the Palace Square to watch the fireworks along the Newa River then they will release paper lanterns up into the sky. New Year is celebrated two times here, the Orthodox Church marks the first half of January as the start of the new year or St. Basil’s Day, thus festivities last until the second week of January in this city.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

While South Africa is restricted for travel at this time due to the omicron variant outbreak, what makes Cape Town a best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year is the chance to celebrate this night on top of its famous Table Mountain. You can stay at the summit long after midnight while feasting your eyes on the spectacular view of fireworks display at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. On the first day of the year, you can also watch a dance parade on Cape Town‘s streets like Long Street or a concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

6. Lisbon, Portugal

When it comes to dazzling fireworks and evocative Fado music, Lisbon is a place you can not beat. A best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year, this is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe. Just before the clock strikes at midnight people will gather at Praca do Comercio to watch the stunning display of fireworks. Afterwards, you can enjoy a performance of Fado, Portugal‘s iconic brand of music at Lisbon‘s Bairro Alto that hosts a variety of “soulful” New Year parties.

7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year, Amsterdam rings in 2022 in a fun way with great fireworks and its light festival. Starting at 11:00 P.M., revelers will be out at the streets partying while waiting for the fireworks at the Skinny Bridge. The Amsterdam Light Festival is another “phenomenon” to watch for at this time where artists create stunning art installations made with light casting upon the city. You can also explore Jordaan, a UNESCO World Heritage part in Amsterdam where you can admire dazzling Christmas lights from 17th-century houses.

New Year’s Eve is not only the most epic party of the year but also a celebration that brings everyone together. It is a night where you can let yourself “loose” for a while, dancing away the old and singing with the new. If you feel like you want to travel to a best fantastic city for an unforgettable New Year, look no further than the places I’ve mentioned in this blog but wherever you are as long as you’re with your loved ones it is still the best place to usher in New Year 2022.

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