7 Epic Budget-Friendly Things You Can Do In Kristiansand, Norway – North Sea 7

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Port of Kristiansand, Norway

Strategically located at the southern tip of Norway with proximity to major European ports is the Port of Kristiansand. One of Norway‘s leading ports, it handles passenger, freight, cruise and offshore activities. And speaking of offshore activity, the Port of Kristiansand is a major supply port for oil in Southern Norway. It is home to big players like National Oil-well Varco and Cameron. As a ferry terminal, this port is the second largest in Norway. It has several daily departures between Hirtshals in Denmark which are operated by Color Line and the Fjord Line. More than this, the Port of Kristiansand is a preferred cruise port between Oslo and Bergen. Other important activities in this port are general cargo, bulk and its balance handling of export and import trade to key European markets.

On Kristiansand:

The capital of Vest-Agder county, it is the 5th largest city of Norway on the southernmost shores. Kristiansand is the business and cultural capital of Southern Norway. And because of its favorable location along North Sea‘s Skagerrak Strait, it has been a favorite summer destination of Norwegians. The sea and its nearby fjords are perfect for fishing and sailing activities.

Under the Kalmar Union, Kristiansand has been founded by King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway in 1641. He named the place after him – Christianssand, meaning “King Christian’s place”, and it retained that way until 1877. In later years, the “ch” was changed to “k” to form Kristianssand. Again in 1899, it has been modified into Kristiansand (with the single s) which is still be used in the present time.

While it offers the diversity of a large city, Kristiansand has effectively preserved its qualities of a small town as well. It is a tourist magnet because of the lively cultural scenes, nice climate (not too cold) and its proximity to the European mainland which is just a short ferry ride away.

Map showing Kristiansand

We were in Kristiansand for oil discharging in July 1998 aboard the tanker Knock Muir. Kristiansand has more of a “beach side” feel. This lively town attracts a million tourists every year. Well if you have already been to the Scandinavian region, you know that it it comes a bit pricey. And Norway is not an exemption. However, here in Kristiansand, there are activities that don’t break much of a tourist’s leg. Sometimes they cost you nothing at all. Read on some 7 of the epic budget-friendly things you can do in Kristiansand, Norway.

1. Selfie at Posebyen

An epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiansand, Norway is explore Posebyen. This is Kristiansand‘s old town. The only area that had withstood the fire which gutted the whole town into ashes in 1892. You can take a stroll at Posebyen or take a selfie with the old white-washed timber houses as your background.

2. Visit Kristiansand Domkirke

Every time we anchor at a new place, I always visit a Church to pray. Hitting-off the Kristiansand Domkirke (Kristiansand Cathedral) is an epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiansand, Norway. Attractive and imposing for its Neo-Gothic architecture and design. Constructed in 1885, another attraction of this Cathedral is the organ concert (between May until August) where you can listen for a while you are in the Church.

3. Ride In Setesdalsbanen Heritage Railway

If you want to see more of the stunning Norwegian landscape, then take a journey with the Setesdalsbanen Heritage Railway. An epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiansand, Norway. This is a 100-year old steam-locomotive train which will take you back in time on a unique ride with Norway‘s living museum.. It runs for 8 km between Grovane to Rooyknes stations in Venesla district. It’s around 20 km. from Kristiansand and a ticket costs a little above US$19 of NOK160.

4. Explore Vest-Agden Museum Gimle Gaard

Stimulate the historical buff in you by exploring this stately Norwegian mansion, Vest-Agder Museum Gimle Gaard. An epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiansand, Norway. This 1800s manor house takes you back to the treasures of Norway‘s past. A walk through its garden is included in the admission fee of US$10 or NOK100.

5. Window shopping at Markensgate.

One of Kristiansand‘s beautiful streets, Markensgate which is a pedestrian only area can be a good spot for window shopping. An epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiansand, Norway. Different kinds of stores and restaurants can be found at Markesngate. And even if you’re not purchasing anything, the area itself is a good place to stroll around.

6. Relax at Otterdalsparken

A 5-minute walk from Markensgate will bring you to a public park – Otterdalsparken. An epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiansand, Norway. The place to rest your feet from window shopping. Here you can admire a sizeable granite fountain while resting. It is designed by Norwegian artist Kjell Nupen.

7. Be at one with nature at Ravnedalen.

If you are an outdoorsy person then Ravnedalen suits you. An epic budget-friendly thing you can do in Kristiandand, Norway. Ravnedalen is a mystical nature park for you to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Ravnedalen Valley Nature Park which was constructed between 1874-78 has become one of Kristiansand‘s cultural sights.

A tour to Norway is a once in a lifetime experience. And Kristiansand in particular will always be famous as a great place to visit. One day, all these epic budget-friendly destinations will be yours to see. Curate your dream itinerary in Norway and make it into a reality when the problem with pandemic is over. Lykke til.

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