8 Beautiful Places You Can Visit In The World To Experience The Magic Of The Midnight Sun

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The sun sets at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) over the horizon in the Lofoten Islands, Norway leaving the landscape in a reddish-yellow reflection.

Have you ever been to a beautiful place where the the day never ends and experienced the midnight sun where the sunset is also the sunrise? Yes, that is absolutely right, when it comes to outdoor fun in these countries, activities are limitless. Night is just a matter of daylight away, or vice versa and the locals tend to hike up to the mountains or go for a swim on lakes and rivers when they should be tucked into bed instead.

This magical phenomenon is a fantastic time to visit the northern parts of Alaska, U.S.A.; Canada and the Nordic countries in Europe as the people in these areas relax in “perpetual daylight”. But what is the perpetual daylight or midnight sun means? It is a time when our earth rotates around the sun at a tilted axis making the North Pole (or the South Pole during the months of November-January) experience sunlight for full 24 hours. The sun remains apparent long after midnight in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, increasing your chances to encounter it the further north you go or the further south you go.

These never-ending days are whipped up with activities, celebrating this delightful moment to revel in the days, undisturbed by darkness. Keep reading to find out which places you can go to experience and witness this surreal sight for yourself.

Where the Sun Never Sets In Tromso, Norway

Summer is about bright nights and enjoying the awesome landscape Tromso, Norway has to offer.

Norway, famous in the world for its moniker as “the land of the midnight sun” and for a good reason. In the beautiful city of Tromso, Northern Norway, the sun doesn’t set from May 18 to July 26. This city is suffused in a 2-month twilight period, an experience in which it doesn’t gets dark even if the sun has already set, or so it seemed.

This is one of the important reasons to visit

In Fairbanks, Alaska, at summertime you can wake up in the middle of the night with the sun still shining so bright.

In Alaska, there is nothing like a midnight sun in summer. From April 22 to August 20, the sun will not set below the horizon for 70 days in Fairbanks. This phenomenon reach its peak during the summer solstice either June 20 or June 21 where it invigorates people to be very active at all hours.

Located in Alaska’s far north, the sun travels like an arc in Fairbanks so even if the sun go down to the skyline the atmosphere just look like a bright twilight. This will give you the chance to witness a sunset that consolidates with the sunrise in the middle of the night. People here take advantage to do more outdoor activities like the midnight sun baseball game that begins at 10:00 p.m., of course, without the benefit of artificial or electric lights.

Fun In Day and Night Sun, Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, Canada

Located north of the Arctic Circle the sun lasts continuously above the sky for 24 hours in the Yukon Territories, Canada.

Way up in the Arctic Circle is Canada’s Yukon Territory where the midnight sun doesn’t set for weeks on end. From the middle of May to mid-July, this is the ultimate phase that you can experience 21 hours of light. In Whitehorse, the territory’s capital, there is no way that you can distinguish what exactly the time is, maybe 6:00 a.m. or could be 6:00 p.m. and all at once, getting lost in time becomes an amazing experience.

There are countless ways to enjoy the plethora of daylight in Whitehorse. You can hike, bike or paddle on its lakes and rivers. Watch a cultural celebration if you like or sit in wonder as you feast your eyes on Yukon’s wildlife roaming across the tundra saturated in golden glow.

Bright Nights In Nuuk, Greenland

Idyllic and surreal – watching icebergs break in Ilulissat at night in Greenland.

Between early June through the middle of July, the sun stays all day and into the middle of the night in Greenland. After months of dark winter days, summer here has the light 24/7. And because of this magical phenomenon, Greenlanders catch a lot of energy which they make use of it in so many different ways.

In the quaint capital of Nuuk, the “night scene” is not just bars and restaurants come alive all night long but seeing icebergs, glaciers, wildlife at midnight with the sun shining so bright in all its Arctic glory. Take a night cruise on Ilulissat, home of the UNESCO World Heritage

In the Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi, Finland, at this time of the year is all about staying up through ultra light summer nights, just listening to the wind in its forests.

From May 22 to July 27 it is a period of “nightless night” or polar day in Finland. The nights are “white” throughout the summer providing varied activities to the Finns such as sauna bathing, hiking around beautiful landscapes, and night swimming. The Midsummer’s Eve is one the merriest festivals in Finland where the locals retreat to their mountain cabins, enjoying sunny nights with great foods around cozy campfires.

In Rovaniemi where Santa Claus Village is located, nights are white from late May up to the early days of August. In this 24-hour a day period jetskiing, river cruise, hiking, visiting reindeer farms and other activities that you normally do at daytime are done in the night. Forget sleeping for a while, you can do it when sunrise comes at 1:00 a.m. With expert guides, they will take you to great viewing spots where you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Rovaniemi highlighted in the golden glow of the midnight sun.

Never-ending Sunset In Reykjavik, Iceland

Known as “polar day” the sun never fully sets in Iceland, a magical experience not to be missed at least once in your lifetime.

As early as May, nights start to get bright in Iceland and reached its peak in the summer solstice (June 20 or 21) but lasts on through August. Though direct daylight in this country is determined for 21 hours, you don’t really experience darkness whatsoever because the sun doesn’t set totally but rises again before the light is gone just after 3:00 a.m. And in between the setting and rising of the sun, the sky is completely visible, not dark, and it’s just like a prolonged period of dusk.

In Reykjavik which is Finland’s capital there is no shortage of adventures that you can have. Aside from hiking, whale watching or horseback riding into the night, you can join and compete in the Midnight Sun Run. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to join a marathon done in the night yet still enjoying a full daylight in either a 5-km or 10-km distance to choose from.

Evening And Morning Twilight Become One In Murmansk, Russia

In summer, the sun is a permanent attachment in Murmansk’s sky.

Between May 22 to July 22 in a period of 62 days cities north of the Arctic Circle in Russia experience midnight sun. Much of the places in the country’s northern part is swathed in sunlight nearly for 24 hours everyday for two months. Known as the “white nights” phenomenon for two hours after midnight even when the sun has “set” the sky is still bright.

In the Murmansk region of Russia, summertime has a special allure. While the sun doesn’t go down the horizon, it shines yet doesn’t burn to let you walk and enjoy the beauty of its nature day and night. Located on the Kola Peninsula near the border with Norway and Finland, you can visit the world’s only fleet of nuclear-powered icebreaker found only in Murmansk or you may join the locals in celebrating Ivan Kupala Day (at nighttime) watching them float flower garlands down rivers and kids leaping over bonfires in a ritual.

Sunrise, Sunset All At Once In Kiruna, Sweden

In Sweden there are many places to watch the midnight sun but the most fantastic area is the Swedish Lapland in the north.

In Northern Sweden above the Arctic Circle the sun is visible all day and all night long from from May 27 to July 14. If you want a clear view of the sun as the clock strikes at midnight, you need to be near the North Pole to experience days without a hint of darkness. Watching a sunset and sunrise happen at the same time is the most extraordinary experience of all, just like a close encounter wiith the northern lights in winter.

At this time of the year, Swedes spend as much time at the outdoors as possible to maximise the summer season. In Kiruna, Sweden you can see the midnight sun in a duration of 47 days, which means 100 days without nights, very The world is filled with many unique offerings and places to explore like mountains and beaches but it’s the unique experiences that make traveling special – like watching the midnight sun. If you want to see this magical phenomenon, why not include in your bucket list visiting at least one of the places mentioned in this article for your once-in-a-lifetime experience? They offer memorable things to do as you make use of the long days and white nights.

But then you need a little caution if you are a first time visitor because it can be hard for you to sleep with the bright sun all the time. Make it sure to close the heavy curtain in your room to shield you from the light and wear an eye mask when you go to bed.


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