8 Most Mysterious But Beautiful Places Around The World To Add To Your Bucket List

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Salar de Uyuni or Uyuni Salt Flats- the largest salt flat in the world found in southwest Bolivia was once a prehistoric lake that became very dry. The result was a desertlike scenery of ultra white salt rock formations and considered the most beautiful sights in South America.

Since time immemorial our world has never stop to surprise us, it is full of mysterious but beautiiful places that make us into thinking about them and trying to find some basis behind their secrets. And who is not intrigued with awesome obscurities especially when they’ve never been solved for quite a long time? These are destinations full of unbelievable but true stories such as an eternal flame that keeps burning under a waterfall, or a perfect circle ancient bridge built allegedly with the aid of the devil and other outworldy implausible archeological discoveries.

Most of these peculiar places have different explanations as to why they’re there but they largely prevail as issues which we still continue to figure out with some answers to our queries. These are places that look like they’re in another planet or some stuff of which fairytales are made of. Below is a list of some of the world’s mysterious yet beautiful places that you may be interested to visit and explore soon.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

One of the most iconic and mysterious site in the world is the Stonehenge. This is a prehistoric stone circle in Wiltshire, England created by ancient people with no written records about it.

Stonehenge, one of the most mysterious but beautiful places or landmarks that has fascinated the imaginations of many people in the world. This prehistoric site located in Wiltshire, England has been around 5,000 years ago, a time when written documents were not yet the norm thus its origins and purpose as to why they were moved into their present site remain a puzzle up to this day. It is believed that this ancient monument is connected to the rituals of the Druids (ancient Celtic priests) and the colossal stones were thought to have healing powers because of the ringing sounds they cause when you struck them.

Made up of massive stones standing in a circular manner, the 30 pieces standing at the outer circle are called “sarsens” while the inner and smaller ones are called “blue stone”. Every summer solstice (longest day), the sun rises over the “heel stone”, a single large sarsen which stands outside the main site and during the winter solstice (shortest day), the sun sets over the said stone- so archeologists conclude that the Stonehenge might have been a calendar at some point, connected to astronomy. There was also a period when the area was used as a cemetery though no one really knows why the dead were laid there but one thing is for sure, this mysterious site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and one of the Ancient Wonders of the World.

The heel stone during the summer solstice.

Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

The Gates of Hell – this is a giant burning crater of collapsed natural gas field which has been on fire since 1971.

A true wonder of nature near Derveze Village in the Karakum Desert in Burning since that time when drilling was established, it has baffled travelers near the area, going closer to the crater’s edges to view the spectacular fire, its nearby desert a spot for wild camping. There is only one person who dared to go to the base of the crater, George Kourounis, a Canadian adventurer who accomplished the challenge in late 2013 wiht the aid of a heat-resistant suit and harness. Turkmenistan is one of the Silk Road countries which is also famous for its forts, ancient ruins and a whole lot more to offer for travelers.

Skaftafell Ice Caves, Iceland

Located at the entrance of Vatnajokull National Park the largest glacier in Europe, the ice caves appear in electric blue color that it looks something like it is out from a fairy tale.

In the land of fire and ice, Skaftafell Ice Caves are the effects when glacial rivers cut through the edge of Vatnajokull glacier in summer. Safe to explore only in winter time when the cold temperature hardens the iceberg, this mysterious but beautiful attraction mostly come in blue-colored thick walls and roofs of ice. Very spectacular in appearance, these glacial ice caves however don’t look the same every year and it dependes on the thickness of the ice.

Located in southern Iceland, Skaftafell’s landscape is similar to the Alps. You can explore the area with local guides and having the right clothing such as thermal undies and warm outer layers are very important during your visit. This place is also popular with its Northern Lights that you should not miss as well.

Devil’s Bridge, Kromlau, Gamblenz, Germany

Also known as Rakotzbrucke Devil’s Bridge, this is a 19th century structure that seem to appear liike a perfect circle when it is reflected on the water of Rakutzsee River.

A country full of beautiful places and mysteries, Germany has never runs out of spectacular sights to visit such as the Commissioned in 1860 by Friedrich Herrmann, Knight of Kromlau to construct a half-circle bridge that would give an illusion of a perfect circle when reflected on the water. Rakotzbrucke is a thin arch bridge spanning Rakotzee Lake and built by hand using local stones. Since it is an old flyover, walking over thie area is not allowed to protect it from falling apart, but you can take a photo of the said Devil’s Bridge especially in the summer and autumn seasons.

Eternal Flame Falls, Chestnut Ridge Park, New York

It is a small waterfall in the Shale Creek Preserve of Chestnut Ridge Park, New York that emits natural gas producing a flame when lit.

At a corner in Chestnut Ridge Park, New York you can find one of the most beautiful sight of a mysterious flame in the world. This dancing flame was believed to have alighted by Native Americans centuries ago, and been burning since then under a 25-foot waterfall known as Eternal Flame Falls. Scientists have believed that the flame was the result of gas pockets rising from a hot bedrock.

While there are numerous natural flames in the world, this one in Chestnut Ridge Park is very special. The image of a little but sturdy flame under a gigantic flow of water is quite an enigma. It attracts a lot of visitors who come and see the continous burning flame under a waterfall – a truly unique attraction where fire and water meet in perfect harmony.

Village of the Twins, Kerala, India

Considered as “God’s own country of twins”, Kodhini is a village in Kerala, India that holds the position of Guinness Book or World Records for having the highest number of twins in the world.

In India, most of its villages are famous to a lot of things such as a village of bachelors, a place of no doors, area of millionaires, and other odd things. But there is one unique area in this country where human photocopies are ubiquitous and the birth rate of twins with over 400 set is the highest not only the country but in the whole world. On the surface, Kodhini looks like as “normal” as just like any other village in India except that when you explore deeper into its streets, it’s only then that you’ll going to encounter a large number of identical faces.

For the longest time, doctors have been trying to solve this mystery in India but sad to say they’ve not come up with concrete answers. With almost every home in Kodhini has one set of twins, this medical wonder or mystery started about 70 years ago. With that whooping 400 pairs of twins, seeing this inbelievable phenomenon up close and personal gives a feeling of magical sensation to yourself.

Easter Island, Chile

Rapa Nui or Easter Island is a special territory of Chile located deep in the South Pacific Ocean and home to gigantic moai stone head statues that mark the island’s landscape.

Easter Island, a far-flung location in the South Pacific Ocean well known in the world for its recognizable and gigantic stone images of human figures scattered all over its landscape that are called moai. Pieced together hundreds of years before Europeans set foot on the island one Easter Sunday morning in 1722, these “human” stone faces were erected by the Rapa Nui natives who arrived at the island between A.D. 700-800 with the belief that the statues contain spirits of their ancestors. Carved from hardened volcanic ash, theA magnet to thousands of travelers, Easter Island is 3, 700 km. away from the coast of Chile and a territory of this South American country as well. Due to its isolation from the world, the Rapa Nui people have retained their culture that makes Easter Island got a place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 1995. Home to some of the clearest ocean waters in the world and free from pollution, this remote destination is a mecca for snorkelers and divers marveling at the beautiful corals and sea life under the surface.

Blood Falls, Antartica

A very unique phenomenon in Antartica discovered by scientists in 1911 thought to be a frozen waterfall with a part that stands out for its blood-red color.

Antartica, the earth’s southernmost edge and arguably the most enigmatic and mysterious place on the planet because of a glacier in this continent that weeps blood. Discovered in 1911 on a remote glacier in East Antartica by Australian geologist Griffith Taylor of which this glacier has been named after, it’s tainted with deep red by water flowing from with Taylor Glacier. The source of the red color remained a mystery for many years, however, in 2017 scientists have finally solved what makes the red color of the water and it’s a sub-glacial lake high in salt and oxidized iron.

A crack in the glacier allows the sub-glacial lake to flow out forming the falls with iron content that looks like blood hence it’s named Blood Falls. Although the existence of extraterrestial life iss not yet confirmed, the Blood Falls has proved itself a wonder to behold. Since its mystery of what makes it striking red color, it has gained worldwide attention with tourists flocking to the area in summer (at Southern Hemisphere) when Antartica experiences its share of the “midnight sun” and it can only be reached by a helicopter or via a cruise ship in the Ross Sea.

There are a lot of reasons why we are drawn into the mysterious but beautiful places in the world. We are attracted to the enigma and charm that surrounds them. If you are the person who is always on the lookout to learn something that is difficult to explain or you just want to find answers to unusual places that you’ve never seen or experienced before, you may visit the destinations mentioned in this article to satisfy your curiosity.


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