9 Amazing But Longest Trips In The World That You Should Try

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The Pan-American Highway, longest motorway in the world connecting the two American continents – North and South summing up to 30,600 km. (19,000 miles).

In this wide world of ours, there are longest but amazing travel journeys yet to be crossed and explored. The earth is so immense thus there are many adventures waiting to be conquered. But then, these travel routes take weeks, maybe months to complete and some are not cut for the fainthearted.

However, venturing into a different kind of travel, something that is raw adventure will give you great stories and innumerable lessons. Along the way, it will expose you to varied and exotic cultures including ancient traditions and with such encounters that you will make, you’ll come to accept the diversities as well as similarities of people in the world.

Whether you embark on the longest train ride or hike the highest trail, here are nine extra long journeys you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Project Sunrise, Longest Flight In The World

Project Sunrise – an extra long-haul 20-hour flight between Sydney and New York City then Melbourne to London by Australia’s Qantas Airlines that will commence in 2025 where passengers will have the chance to witness two sunrises while on flight.

If you love to fly and you want to stretch your time up in the sky, try taking extra long-haul flights to experience one of the longest but amazing travel journeys in the world. At the moment Singapore Airlines’ flight from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Singapore’s Changi International Airport holds the title of having the longest flight at 9,585 mile distance. The estimated flight time is 18 hours and 40 minutes and Singapore Aiirlines has been flying this route since 2021.

However, starting in late 2025, Australia’s Qantas Airways will be launching the world’s longest ever non-stop route from Sydney Airport to London’s Heatthrow. Named Project Sunrise, the route will cover 10,576 miles in a 20-hour flight and passengers will be lucky to see two sunrises while on board as the plane will be crossing time zones where it allows for a double sunrise.

Pan-American Highway, World’s Longest Motorable Road

Map showing the route of Pan-American Highway from Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay in the U.S.A. (north) to Ushuaia, Argentina (south) or vice versa.

The mother of all road trips and crossing through 14 countries and 2 continents, the Pan-American Highway is a series of roads stretching from Prodhue Bay in Alaska, U.S.A. in North America down to Ushuaia, Argentina in South America at a distance of around 48,000 km. or 30,000 miles. Known as the world’s longest motorable road, it links the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and finally at the southernmost end of the world in Argentina. As you travel along this tire-testing and jaw dropping road, you will have the opportunity to pass through all the major climate zones, diverse cultures and landscapes, arctic tundra, famous mountain ranges like the Andes and Rocky Mountains, driest desert(Atacama Desert) on earth and a tropical forest (Darien Gap) to name a few.

Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, U.S.A.

The road trip is punctuated twice by the Panama Canal wherein your vehicle will be ferried over and by the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia where you’re not allowed to pass through except via a ship as it would damage the environment and disturb the serenity of an indigenous tribe. A journey across the Pan-American Highway will take you as long as you have the time and the money for it, but the first person to finish such feat by car was travel writer Tim Cahill who successfully made it in 23 days, 22 hours and 43 minutes in 1987.

Ushuaia, Argentina, southernmost city in the world.

The 14,000 Mile Trek, Longest Walkable Road In The World

Traversing over a distance of 22,382 km. is the world’s longest walkable road from Cape Town, South Africa to Magadan, Russia that will take 587 days to travel by foot for a person walking at 8 hours a day.

To the outdoorsy soul, why not take the 14,000 mile challenge from Cape Town in South Africa all the way up to the port town of Magadan in Russia? This is the world’s longest walkable road and a grueling trek where no flights, ferry crossing and bus ride is required, just open roads and bridges. The brave traveler will start the journey from South Africa, passing through the Suez Canal, then on to Turkey, to the Caucasus Region of Central Asia, then across Siberia and finally reaching Magadan, Russia.

The port town of Magadan, Russia.

The whole odyssey would take 4,492 hours to walk or 187 days if it’s a non-stop of walking but if you do at a pace of 8 hours/day, that would take you 562 days or two years to finish the journey. No one has dared to complete this challenge so far but if you want to go for it, you will be crossing 17 countries, six time zones notwithstanding the different seasons and weather conditions that you will encounter, along with visa restrictions. You must also have a strong survival skill and good immune system for the body to endure the changing temperatures in each country that you will be passing through.

Cape Town, South Africa

Trans-Siberian Railway, Longest Train Ride In The World

With a length of over 9,289 km. the Trans-Siberian Railway is world’s longest railway line located in Russia that cross from Moscow (Baltic Sea) in the west to Vladivostok (Sea of Japan) in the east.

It is the world’s longest and greatest train journey that runs across Russia connecting the east, Vladivostok and west, Moscow in 8 time zones at 9, 300 km. The Trans-Siberian Railway is a once-in-a-lifetime train ride that you should try which will take you seven days to complete. It is a one way journey that lets you see some of the best beautiful spots and cities of Russia.

The city of Vladivostok, Russia‘s most eastern city and along the Sea of Japan.

Highlights of the train ride are various stations but the most popular stops along its way from Vladivostok to Moscow are: Beijing, China where you get to view the Great Wall; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Irkutsk in

Moscow, Russia on the western side and by the Baltic Sea.

Adventures Overland, World’s Longest Bus Trip

A two-month odyssey by overland from Istanbul, Turkey to London, UK, the world’s longest bus journey winds through 22 countries on a 12,000 km. ride all over Europe.

Did you ever consider spending two months traveling continuosly on the road by bus? Adventures Overland, an Indian expedition company will launch the first ever world’s longest bus trip from Turkey to the United Kingdom on a 56-day ride on August this 2023. Accommodating up to 30 passengers, this bus trip will span 22 nations that starts from the biggest city of Turkey, through the Balkan Peninsula like Croatia, on to Eastern Europe such as Budapest in Hungary, then goes north through the Baltic States like Latvia for one, cross the Gulf of Finland via a ferry, as it continuos through the Nordkapp (North Cape and Europe’s northernmost tip) in Norway, meanders through Scandinavia such as Denmark before it turns to western Europe like Germany then finally to the capital of Great Britain.

This 12,000 km. ride will start on August 7 up to October 1, 2023 at a cost of US$24,340 per person including visas, accommodation for 2 sharing with 30 lunches and dinners on board. At each country, passengers are given the chance to explore top sights like the Santa Claus village in Finland or the fjords in Norway and you might even get to see the Northern Lights. A one day traveling and one day off, this is a bus journey chance of a lifetime, so go and join if you don’t want to miss it.

Interior of Adventures Overland bus.

Great Himalaya Trail, Highest and Hardest Footpath In The World

This is a route across the Himalayan Mountain Ranges from east to west spanning the countries of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet at 4,500 km.

Now, if you’re on the lookout for something that is not the usual hike you’ve ever tried the Great

A view from the pathway of Great Himalaya Train in Kahsmir, India.

The whole trail takes 148 days to complete and it requires a high level of fitness plus a very good and hiking background. It is a 1,770 km trail crossing the Himalayan Mountain ranges from east to west passing along different ethnic groups, raging glacial rivers, deep canyons, temples along with high winds on the way.

Nanga Parbat faiiry meadow in Pakistan, along the Great Himalaya Trail.

Nile River Crossing, World’s Longest River

The Nile, world’s longest river which has been used as a means of transporting people and goods even in the anccient times.

The world has its share of long rivers like the Amazon in Brazil but the Nile River is still considered the longest one when it comes to trade route and important transportation. Flowing over 6, 600 km from south to north trough African countries then to Egypt until it empties into the Mediterranean Sea. For thousands of years, this river has provided a source of irrigation to the countries where it passes along but most importantly, it is always an important trade route connecting Africa to the markets of Europe and beyond.

Celebrity Edge’s Grand Journey, Longest Cruise Trip In The World

This is the longest cruise trip you will ever take that calls at more than 20 ports in 11 countries over 52 nights.

We all have this dream of going on a cruise trip to unwind and experience a perfect high seas getaway. What with all the inclusive buffet, shows and beautiful destinations that luxury liners offer to each passenger? But did you know that you can go on a cruise trip not only for days or a couple of weeks but for months of sailing on the world’s longest cruise trip, an experience you’ll never forget as long as you live.

The Celebrity Edge’s ambitious Grand Journey calls at 20 ports in 11 countries, 3 continents and 52 nights. It will sail from Rome (Northern Hemisphere) to New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere and packed with opportunities to explore many countries with their unique cultures, historic sites as well as the world’s natural attractions in the world and a variety of shore activities at every port.

Trans-Canada Trail, The Great Trail

An experience of a lifetime like no other, this is a cross-Canada hiking trails that extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific then to the Arctic Oceans, the Trans-Canada Trail is a cross country hiking trail in Canada that offers a vast array of activities through diverse landscapes such as city, village and forests. It is a 28,000 km stretch from coast to coast to coast.

The trans-Canada trail links 15,000 communities, natural sites and tourist attractions across this country and it is the sum of all trails, both land and water. While most of it can be cycled or walked, there are parts of it that set out on lakes such as Lake Superior and rivers like the Nainamo River.

Each of us has a different bucket list. Sometimes you just want to prolong your journey as lenghty as you can. Whether you want to see a double sunrise while up in the air or catch the sunset while driving along the world’s longest roadway, if your goal is to achieve one of these unique adventures, you can do it. And of course, a bragging right for having taken one of the amazing but longest travel journeys in the world, that will last a lifetime.


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