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The World According To…Me

“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all” – Hellen Keller

My name is Waldo and well…honestly, I am not a writer. But, I have been a sailor for 29 years, traveling (or sailing at that) around the world for free while working. I would like to share my sailing adventures and travel stories (and tips) around the world between 1990-2019.

My first ocean adventure began on August 1990 in Rotterdam, discharging crude oil at The Netherlands’ biggest refinery. Yes I worked in a very large crude carrier (VLCC) for 24 years, then shifted to bulk carriers (dry cargoes like fertilizer, iron ore, coal, wheat) for the last 5 years of my sailing days.

Rotterdam has an immense harbor in which it has the 2nd largest port in the world and the biggest in Europe. Sometimes called as “the city that never sleeps”, it is the only Dutch city with a very colorful skyline.

After a few days in Rotterdam, we sailed to Lisbon in Portugal for a dry dock. It gave me the chance to explore the famous pilgrimage town of Fatima.

In this blog, I am to supply an honest and fascinating “diary” of my sailing years, the port cities I’ve been to, my fears and all the fun and sometimes threatening moments in between.

Enjoy reading.