These Are The 9 Most Beautiful & Unique City Parks You Can Visit In The World

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Perched on a hill is Landingan Viewpoint, a touristy flower garden in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province northeastern Luzon here in the Philippines. Managed by the Bugkalot tribe, the area was once a landing point of planes carrying Christian missionaries to convert the tribes hence the name “Landingan”. This “sky flower garden” provides a stunning view of the town’s scenery. Quirino Province is an eco-adventurers’ mecca which has so much to offer once you’re there.

When we think of what makes a city great, we usually conclude that it’s the cultural and historical attractions, but actually, the most beautiful and unique parks are the unacclaimed biggies of grand megalopolis. Their green spaces are also top attractions in their own right, providing more than just a slice of peace and quiet.

A park defines the shape and feel of a city. From an open-air sculpture grounds in a Scandinavian country to the home of the Supertree Grove in a thriving Southeast Asian nation, these spots give new definition to a city sanctuary. Read on to find out some of the most beautiful and unique city parks in the world.

Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway

One of the top tourist attractions of Norway, Vigeland Park is the world’s largest sculpture park done by a lone artist, Gustav Vigeland whose work showcases the cycle of human life in its natural form.

Tucked in the serene Frogner district of Oslo is Vigeland Park (Vigelandsparken in Norsk), one of the most beautiful and unique city parks that you can visit in the world. The largest sculpture park ever created on earth that flaunts the works of a single artist, Gustav Vigeland’s creations are must-see when you are in Norway.

The Monolith occupies the focal point of the park. It’s a tall pillar of 121 human bodies going through several stages of their lives carved from a single granite, and are competing to make it to the top which symbolizes man’s desire for spirituality.

The sculptures symbolize every aspect of human life. Vigeland wanted his works to show the various facets of a person’s life cycle in the literal and metaphorical way, so it’s very important that when you come to this park you have to view the statues beyond of what you see. And he made them all naked so that they stay ageless.

Statue of man attacked by babies – It means that a father is grappling with his responsibilities as a parent, another reality of life.

Spanning an area of over 43 hectares, Vigelandsparken is open all year round, throughout the seasons and is free to explore for every visitor coming to Oslo. It contains around 212 statues in different shapes and themes exploring human experiences in its purest form.

Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

A mosaic-filled fantasy land in Barcelona, Spain, Park Guell provides every visitor an artsy vibe and an unusual urban landscape in the area.

Designed by Antoni Gaudi, one of Spain’s celebrated architects, Park Guell is one of the most unique urban parks in the world and a famous attraction in Barcelona. It was originally intended as an upscale housing project in the 1900s commissioned by Eusebi Guell, a wealthy Catalan industrialist and friend of Gaudi’s. After 2 model houses were built, the plan didn’t push through but he has lived in one of the houses.

View to the entrance pavilions of the monumental zone from the rooftop of the Hypostyle Room which feature an attractive curved bench.

In 1926 after the death of Gaudi, the area was turned-over to the government, converted into a park and named after Eusebi Guell. What makes Park Guell unique and impressive is its design, Gaudi made use of the principles of natural creation. Throughout the area, you will find curve lines that copy the natural shapes of trees, animals in geometrical forms with mosaics from colorful ceramic pieces.

The salamander, among the most photographed points in Park Guell and which “guards” the stairs at the Hypostyle Room at the monumental zone is Gaudi‘s best example of his mosaic work: trencadis. In Catalan dialect it’s about using bits and pieces of chopped ceramic tiles cemented together.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, Park Guell is a lasting symbol of Antoni Gaudi’s artistic poetry, an enormous garden with a distinct architectural element. When you’re visiting Barcelona, Spain, make it a point to see this beautiful park.

Djurgarden Royal Park, Stockholm, Sweden

An island-park right at the middle of Stockholm, SwedenDjurgarden is filled with beautiful gardens and several museums including ABBA Museum.

This is an island found at the heart of Stockholm, Djurgarden Royal Park, one of the most impressive parks in the world that offers every visitor a refuge of greenery with a wide area of forests and open spaces. It was once a hunting ground of the Swedish Royal Family but it’s now an area of biking and walking trails, gardens, amusement parks as well as museums including the ABBA museum.

One of the attractions of Djurgarden is the ABBA museum where pop history comes alive and one of the things which visitors associate with Sweden.

This park is still owned by the royal family of Sweden and it can be reached by bus, tram of ferry from downtown Stockholm. In any season, a walk at Djurgarden is highly recommended.

Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong S.A.R.

Hong Kong Park – a green sanctuary in the middle of Hong Kong’s urban jungle.

Offering a haven of green oasis in the midst of Hong Kong’s skycrapers is Hong Kong Park which is found at the Admiralty area of Central, Hong Kong. Opened in 1991, this impressive park draws millions of visitors a year with fascinating attractions crammed together in an 8-hectare space such as an aviary, sports facility, museums, plant conservatory and a children’s play zone.

Hong Kong Park offers great photo ops wherein water element was used as a concept to refresh visitors by its fountains, ponds, waterfalls and an artificial lake.

Flaunting an elaborate setting of flowers, fountains, ponds, waterfalls and trees the highlight of this park is the artificial lake filled with koi fishes and a colony of turtles. Aside from the Hong Kong Visual Arts Center found at the area, there is also a greenhouse displaying about 2,000 rare plants species. In addition to that, Hong Kong Park also houses the Edward Youde Aviary that features around 600 exotic birds.

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France

A garden of aesthetic beauty, Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) is one of Paris‘ most beloved parks whose focal point is the Palais du Luxembourg, one of the royal residences of French Queen and Italian-born Marie de Medicis (1610-1627).

Famous for its well-manicured lawns, ornate flower beds, statues and fountains Jardin du Luxembourg is the exact place for a relaxation from the hubbub of Paris. This elegant green space and one of the most beautiful city parks is located in the 6th arrondissement (administrative district in French) beside the Latin Quarter in this city.

The Medici Fountain is one of the highlights of Jardin du Luxembourg which was built in 1630 and is lined with willow trees and a pond.

Occupying 25 hectares of space with its quintessential French romantic flair, Luxembourg Garden’s main focal point is the Palais du Luxembourg which was the royal residence of Dowager Queen Marie de Medicis (1610-1627), widow of Henry IV of France. It now houses the French Senate and Jardin du Luxembourg is now a public park.

At Le Jardin du Luxembourg you will observe the photographic realism of life in Paris.

Mont Royal Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mont Royal – a wooded landscape that offers some of the best views of Montreal.

It’s a mountain park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada that serves as a year-round green area, Mont Royal Park is the city’s highest point at 234 meters. From its summit you will get the most panoramic view of downtown Montreal and nearby areas.

Beaver Lake, a man-made lake in Mont Royal becomes a skating rink in the winter season.

Designed by architect Frederick Law Olmstead (same architect who designed New York City’s Central Park) in 1876, Mont Royal features the Mont Royal Cross planted by Paul Chomedy de Maisonneuve in 1643 the founder of Montreal. It also has a man-made lake, the Beaver Lake which is a great skating area during the winter season.

Sansscouci Park, Potsdam, Bradenburg, Germany

The Friendship Temple one of the highlights in Sansscouci Park was built by King Frederick II of Prussia in memory of his sister, Princess Wilhelmine von Bayreuth.

A garden design at the highest level, Sansscouci Park is the world-famous garden of Sansscouci Palace in Potsdam, Bradenburg, Germany with a remarkable terraced-grounds and a majestic fountain at the center. Added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990 for its distinct architectural quality and manifestation to 18th century landscaping in Europe.

The terraced-grounds of Sansscouci Park.

Sansscouci has been the former summer home of Frederick The Great, King of Prussia (now Germany) in the 18th century. He had wanted a place of peace and quiet outside of Berlin where he could relax thus he built the palace in 1745 with its monumental gardens.

A part of the immense Sansscouci Gardens.

A real tourist magnet, Sansscouci Park is considered the best example of Rococo-style architecture with its abundance of historical buildings and works of art. Highlights of the park include the great fountain with its representation of the 4 elements (earth, wind, fire and water) and the mythological figures.

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens By The Bay is Singapore’s national garden and the country’s horticultural attraction as well.

A masterpiece of garden creativity that magnets millions of tourists every year, the Gardens By The Bay are themed gardens that represent different regions of the world. This massive park which sits on 250-acre land right at the heart of Singapore also represents the different climates and habitats on earth and is located close to Marina Reservoir.

The Supertree Grove at the Gardens By The Bay as it dazzles at night in a light show rhapsody.

The Gardens By The Bay is made up of 3 gardens namely: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Center Garden. One of the most unusual sights to see in the area are the Super Trees which are towering “artificial trees” created to form a vertical garden, complete with plants and a colorful display of flowers. The Supertree Grove dazzles at night with a stunning light show known as Garden Rhapsody.

Englischer Gartenstadt, Munich, Germany

The Monopteros- a round ornamental temple in Greek style mounted on an artificial hill at the English Garden. It offers a magnificent view over the city of Munich.

Largest inner-city park in the world, the English Garden in Munich, Germany is without a doubt one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. Equivalent to the size of 640 football pitches, said park forms a link between Isar meadows and Munich’s old city center.

The Isar River flowing into the English Garden in Munich.

Created in 1789 by Sir Benjamin Thompson later known as Count Rumford for Prince Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria, it was given the name English Garden because of its English-landscape park style. Aside from being an area for strolling, recreation and sports, Englischer Gardenstadt has other important highlights such as the tea house, the Monopteros, a Chinese tower and a part of the Berlin Wall.

The most beautiful and unique parks in the world are invaluable components of any urban landscape. They don’t just offer a respite from the hustle and bustle but are also marvelous endeavors of design and architecture. Said city parks are all definitely worth adding to your travel checklist.


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