Top 10 Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know But Should About Deandre Ayton’s Bahamas – Caribbean Islands 4

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Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns centre (the one at the middle).

Port of Nassau, The Bahamas

Located at the Arawak Cay two miles west of the city center is the Port of Nassau. Once a haven for pirates in search for treasures, this is now a very important port of call for large cruise ships in the Caribbeans. Situated on the island of New Providence, Nassau Port (which is the capital of the whole archipelago) is the largest seaport in The Bahamas and handles at least 3 million passengers a year.

A Few Details About The Bahamas:

This archipelago of 700 islands and 2,400 uninhabited islets and cays (banks of corals and sands) has been home to Lucayan Indians when the great explorer of the New World, Christopher Columbus encountered them on October 12, 1492. The area served as a base for shipment of slaves to Hispaniola Island by the Spaniards until they abandoned the settlement in the 1500s. In the following centuries, the archipelago attracted a lot of pirates like Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (mentioned in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”) where they looted cargo ships that sailed through the trading route between the islands.

Bahamians came under British rule in 1718 and they remained at the islands until 1973 after the archipelago gained its freedom from the UK. Officially called Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the country has suffered economic slump, corruption and a burgeoning drug trade until it began turning itself around in 1997. These days, The Bahamas is not just a hangout of the world’s A-list but a favorite destination for tourists, in fact, before the pandemic, millions of cruisers visit each year to check out the country’s amazing beaches and fantastic culture.

Where once it was a favorite hang-out for pirates to hide their treasures, The Bahamas is now a busy port of call in the Caribbeans and on April 1998 aboard the tanker M/T Knock Muir, we also docked at the Port of Nassau. Derived from the Spanish word “baja mar”, meaning shallow water, the sea around the area is slight with a stunning cerulean color, which is also claimed by Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield when he viewed them from the International Space Station. And sand, sea and sunshine are not the only facets of this archipelago which tourists are soaking up. Come with me and let’s go beyond the beaches to discover the top 10 interesting facts you probably don’t know but should about Deandre Ayton’s Bahamas.

1. The 6th most expensive country in the world.

Just behind Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Japan and Denmark, a top interesting fact you probably don’t know is The Bahamas ranks the 6th most expensive country in the world to live. It has the 3rd highest per capita GDP in the western hemisphere after the U.S. and Canada making this archipelago the 3rd richest country in the world. The biggest chunk of its revenue come from tourism which accounts a 60% of the country’s income and its currency is traded to 1:1 with the US dollar.

2. It is a playground of the rich and famous.

Most of the world’s A-lists are attracted to the Caribbeans and The Bahamas are high up in the register. It’s a favorite vacation spot of the rich and famous, and they are even offered to purchase their own properties here, a top interesting fact you probably don’t know about this island-nation. When you’re on holiday in this country, it is likely that you’ll have the chance to spot at the beachfront mansions of Johnny Depp, Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Tiger Woods and other famous personalities.

3. And Hollywood’s favorite filming location as well.

It’s natural attractions and proximity to the U.S. have made The Bahamas a favorite filming location of Hollywood for years, a top interesting fact you probably don’t know. It takes its reputation as a film-friendly site very seriously, in fact its capital, Nassau has been a backdrop for 4 James Bond films (Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again); a Pierce Brosnan-Salma Hayek‘s After The Sunset (2004) movie; the Olsen twins’ Holiday In The Sun (2001) name a few.

4. Origin of conch dishes, baked crab and more…

The conch which is still inside its shell before its made into a salad.

Give your palate a newly discovered experience with conch (pronounced “konk”) dishes, baked crab and so much more, one of the top interesting facts you probably don’t know when you are in The Bahamas. Like in most Caribbean countries, seafood is the basic dish in this island-nation. Its national food is conch, a mollusk with a “fishy” flavor and chewy texture often served breaded and fried or formed into balls then added to salads. But don’t miss out the johnny cakes, baked crab, souse(“sowse”), pigeon peas and rice...these are savory dishes as well and much loved for a good reason.

5. A sanctuary of the Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island.

A top interesting fact you probably don’t know that out of the many beaches in The Bahamas, the Pink Sands Beach is the most favored. While there are other pink sand beaches in the world, the one located at Harbor Island is breathtaking. It may not be entirely pink as Instagram suggests but a distinctive mix of coral insects called foraminifera, broken shells, tiny rocks and calcium carbonate smudge the seashore of Pink Sands Beach with rosy smithereens which make it a stand out. Almost seems endless at a stretch of 3 miles, this beach has been featured in The Travel Channel on March 2005 as the Best Sand Beach in the world.

6. The oasis of Dean’s Blue Hole, 2nd deepest blue hole on the planet.

Just off the seashore of Long Island, Dean’s Blue Hole is the 2nd deepest saltwater sinkhole in the world, a top interesting fact you probably don’t know about The Bahamas. Plunging down to 202 meters, Dean’s Blue Hole is a round saltwater swimming pool vertical cave and when you are lucky enough to be there during a good weather, you can see the sinkhole down to 100 feet. The shallow part at the entrance of the hole is perfect for snorkeling and swimming and if you want to test your adrenaline, you can try jumping off into the water from the cliff above.

7. It takes pride with an incredible underwater cave system.

Home to the longest known underwater cave system in the world, Lucayan National Park found at Grand Bahama Island could provide clues how ocean life was formed millions of years ago, a top interesting fact you probably don’t know. Definitely an astonishing sight to explore, a dive into this underwater cave system is like a journey into the earth’s past. The most accessible is Thunderball Grotto named after the James Bond movie, Thunderball, of which they used the said cave for the underwater fight scenes.

8. Where there is actually a “bay of pigs” at Big Major Cay’s swimming pig beach.

It’s not everyday you’ll see pigs swimming in the ocean but at Pig Island (Big Major Cay), it’s a top interesting fact you probably don’t know to have a once in lifetime experience wading through the sea with these porcine settlers. Big Major Cay is devoid of human residents but it is home to 20 or so pigs. The best way to see the “swimming pigs” is to join a guided tour to this particular bank of corals.

9. The country of track and field Olympians.

Bahamian Shaunae Miller during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games.

A top interesting fact you probably don’t know but this country of less than a million residents has won the most Olympic medals. Indeed, The Bahamas has seen some very talented athletes bringing glory to their homeland over the years, thanks to the endeavors of Pauline Davis-Thompson (gold, 2000 Sydney); Tonique Williams-Darlig (gold, 2004 Athens); Chris Brown (gold, 2012 London) and Shaunae Miller (gold, 2016 Rio de Janeiro) and other players. This nation started joining the Olympics in 1952 and has won a total of 14 medals in athletics and sailing.

10. Deandre Ayton loves to draw and wanted to be an architect while growing up in The Bahamas.

He may not be as famous as the other big names, but this Phoenix Suns center, who worked hard to help his team reached the NBA finals loves to draw while growing up in The Bahamas. A top interesting fact you probably don’t know, Deandre Ayton wanted to be an architect but the 7’1¨ center was drafted while attending junior high at Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix in 2018. Always the ¨life of the party¨ with his wacky antics, he has also a fondness for video games when he’s not playing for the Suns with Fortnite as his current video game of choice.

If you are done with the second jab of the vaccine and the time comes when leisure travel opens, why not book your post-pandemic getaway to The Bahamas? Be ready to be swept away by its turquoise waters and colorful culture this island-nation is known for. Located just off from the US state of Florida and right at the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, this area is a favorite cruise destination, a place full of fun and wonders that you’re looking for in a holiday.

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