Top 10 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Adelaide, South Australia – South Pacific Ocean

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Port of Adelaide, South Australia

The chief port of South Australia, Port of Adelaide is located on an inlet of the Gulf of Saint Vincent, northwest of Central Adelaide. The harbor is protected by a long sand spit of the west that has been made the port of Adelaide in 1848. It has an inner and outer harbor, the outer one handles imports such as petroleum products, phosphate rock and limestone, while the export products it handles are bulk grain and soda ash.

A Brief Overview on Adelaide:

First settled by the Kaurna people and considered the original custodians of the area which they called the land “Tarndanya” or “place of the red kangaroo”. European free settlers (not convicts) arrived in 1836 and it was the British surveyor General William Light who choose the site to become the capital of the new colony of South Australia, this city being named after the consort of King George IV of England, Queen Adelaide.

The European pioneers were either British or Irish but later in the mid-19th century, German immigrants arrived and settled as well in Adelaide. It was the first city to be incorporated in Australia and during this time (19th century) many of the historical buildings were built. Its most distinctive feature is the area of park lands that surrounds the city which divided it into two parts.

As Adelaide expanded more buildings were added and since it is South Australia‘s capital, the city is the location of government and financial institutions. It is also noted for its religious freedom which earned its moniker as the “city of Churches” due to the diversity of religious faiths. These days, Adelaide is known for its many festivals, sporting events, its food and wine, the beautiful coastline and its mountains.

Map showing the location of Adelaide in South Australia.

Welcome to Adelaide, and this is going to be a very special blog because I will be taking you around this incredible South Australian city. I’ll be telling you of its rich history and multi-cultural atmosphere which I’ve seen in March 2016 via the IVS Kingbird. I’ll promise it is going to be a hell of a ride as we check out on the top surprising facts you may not know about this city.

1. It’s a “20 minutes” city.

A top surprising fact you may not know that Adelaide is very accessible and you can reach to any point in just a matter of 20 minutes. It is one of the easiest city in the world to wander around where everything is just…well, 20 minutes away.

2. The opal capital of Australia.

While Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, a top surprising fact you may not know that it is also the opal capital of the country. Don’t forget to shop around and buy an opal jewelry for yourself when you visit the city.

3. Where wild “tail walking” dolphins live close to the city.

Adelaide is the place in the world where wild dolphins live close to the city, a top surprising fact you may not know, over 300 dolphins visit Port River which is just a 20-minute drive from the central business district. And the dolphins seen at Port River are known for “tail walking”, a phenomenon involving the sea animal leaping out of the water and propelling itself backwards while on a vertical position (or walking on its tail).

4. It is home to the biggest display of Aboriginal artifacts.

If you want to learn more about the culture of the Kaurna people, visit the South Australian Museum in Adelaide wherein it houses the largest display of Aboriginal artifacts. A top surprising fact you may not know, in this museum you will learn more about the past and present lives of Australia‘s indigenous community.

5. Australia’s world famous Haigh’s chocolate was born here.

Hear ye chocolate lovers of the world, a top surprising fact you may not know that Adelaide produces Haigh’s, this is Australia‘s famous chocolate. Founded by Alfred E. Haigh in 1915, Haigh’s chocs are simply the best that you can find in Down Under.

6. Adelaide Zoo is haven to the only giant pandas in the Southern Hemisphere.

Opened since 1883 and the 2nd oldest zoo in Australia, Adelaide Zoo houses the only pandas in the Southern Hemisphere. Named Wang Wang and Fu Ni, a top surprising fact you may not know they are part of the barely 7 giant pandas on exhibit in the world and they were acquired from the Chinese government in 2009. A huge tourism draw card for the city, they are encased in a special exhibit at Adelaide Zoo‘s Bamboo Forest and they’ll be around (in Adelaide Zoo) until 2024, so if you want to connect with these “cuddly” species, visit Adelaide before they’ll be returned back to China.

7. It has one of the only two O-Bahns in the world.

Are you wondering of what an O-Bahn is? It’s essentially a system by which a “normal” bus that traverses on the highway is able to run on a specialized purpose-built track constructed only for buses. A top surprising fact you may not know that the Adelaide O-Bahn used to hold the world record of having the longest guided busway but it is now second to that in Cambridgeshire, UK at 25 km. in length.

8. Enjoy a close-up encounter with a kangaroo, a koala and a wallaby at Cleland Wildlife Park.

A top surprising fact you may not know, Australia‘s most iconic animals such as the kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, among others roam freely at Cleland Wildlife Park. Truly a major tourist magnet, this park is one of the few places in the world where you can have a close encounter with these “furry” friends, a chance to hold or pat them under a keeper’s supervision and it is just 20 minutes (again, take note) away from Adelaide city center.

9. It is the home of Hahndorf, the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia.

Located in Adelaide Hills and about 20 minutes from the city center is the “German” community of Hahndorf, a top surprising fact you may not know about Adelaide. This is the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia established by the German Protestant immigrants from East Prussia in 1839. A must-see destination in Adelaide, Hahndorf is filled with half-timbered houses and Lutheran Churches built along tree-lined streets, that makes this spot with a European village charm.

10. Where you can find one of the world’s most famous wines especially at Barossa Valley.

A top surprising fact you may not know, Barossa Valley near Adelaide is home to most of world’s famous wines. Often called as Australia’s most well known wine region, Barossa Valley has been producing excellent wines since the 1850s from shiraz grapes. Within a 50-minute drive northeast of Adelaide, don’t forget to visit the area for a chance to taste some of its most awarded wines or indulge yourself with the ultimate Barossa foodie adventure which this region offers.

It was an absolutely awesome encounter – the culture, the food, the history here in Adelaide, South Australia, something that is unbelievable and out of this world experience for me. And if you’re looking for a place to visit that has everything in it, this is the right place to be. Adelaide is one of those upcoming touristy places and if you want to go and check it out before anyone else does, then this is the right time.

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