Top 10 Tourist Friendly Countries To Visit In The World Revealed

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My country, the Philippines has often been applauded for our veritable hospitality on visitors. There is so much to do and see across our 7,640 islands like exploring Gawagan Nature Park in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province. This nature park is home to the conservative Bugkalot tribe of Southern Sierra Madre and Caraballo mountains at northeastern Luzon island.

Traveling to new places will broaden your horizons especially if you visit tourist friendly countries. The cordial welcome you receive in these foreign lands will make your trip a worthwhile experience.

It doesn’t matter if you travel for two weeks or two years, what is important is the comforting accommodation and hospitality you receive from the local people in the area you’re visiting. It makes the journey very special.

If you’re on the lookout for destinations where you want to look forward to a genuine camaraderie, countries that treat tourists well, here is a list of some of the most congenial nations on the globe whose people are ready to share their love of their country with you.


The Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria is one of the most important cultural monuments of the country. Former residence of the Habsburg Dynasty that ruled Austria from the 1500s to 1918, the area is now a famous spot for tourists.

A generally tourist friendly country where its people love to welcome foreign visitors. Most of the locals can communicate in English especially those working in the tourism sector. As a matter of fact, the World Economic Forum acknowledges Austria as the most gregarious nation towards visitors.

Packed with unparalleled diversity including a rich culture and history, Austria comes big with tourist destinations. Famous for its castles, lavish palaces, Baroque architectural-style buildings, scenic

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital is known for its elaborate architecture and Fado music tradition but most of its excellent features are found in the day-to-day life with the above view of St. George’s Castle, the beautiful weather all year-round and the friendly residents.

Known for its warm hospitality, great food and wine, visitors to Portugal truly enjoy its easy-going, very friendly locals and fascinating destinations. The laid-back vibe and reasonable prices of its commodities are some of the reasons why this coastal nation has a lot of appeal to foreign travelers.

Its mountains, the seaside, cobblestone-lined streets of Lisbon and Porto, Portugal offers many options to travelers. English, Portuguese and French are widely spoken so interaction with the locals should not be a problem. And while Lisbon and Porto are the biggest cities, there are other fabulous urban centers to explore in this country, with their own distinctive energy like Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage town most famous for its colorful and Disney-like designed Pena Palace.


Reinaknuten is a peak and famous hiking route in Hjjelmeland, Rogaland, Norway with an elevation of 762 meters. It provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and the fjord.

A destination full of charms and that include its fjords, Viking legends, burgeoning cultural heritage and dramatic natural landscape – the Kingdom of Norway is one of the safest and most tourist-friendly countries in the world. Majority of Norwegians have a good grip of the English language and are happy to welcome you into their country.

First-hand experiences on its fjords and mountains are the foremost reasons why tourists go to Norway. In fact, Lonely Planet affirms that this country is not only blessed with natural beauty but also a pioneer on sustainability, environmental technology and cultural highlights. Their belief in the right of every person or

Canoeing – either paddling on a calm lake or hustling-down a raging river, this is one of the favorite water activities for travelers in Canada.

Canada’s appeal is not just the great outdoors but its cities are clean, safe, friendly and multi-cultural each with its own well-defined personality. Boundless, vibrant, wild and welcoming to each and every traveler, this land never disappoints its visitors.

Once in a while everyone deserves a vacation and Canada is not only one of the tourist-friendly countries in the world but it’s one of the most affordable vacation choices too. No matter which province you’ll be heading, politeness abounds and they are not only nice, Canadians are exceptionally humble as well.


Yoyogi Park, a calming green space from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo is very popular for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in spring.

It has one of the oldest civilizations with a beautiful and heterogeneous history – Japan not only offers breathtaking views and myriad of landscapes but its people are friendly to tourists and visitors. It is a safe country with lots of things to do and offer for every type of traveler.

As we all know, Japan is a very unique nation and no place in the world can be compared to it. What makes it distinctive is the politeness of its people. Beyond its culture, the history and food, the locals tend to be nice including their efficiency, something that makes people’s lives easier in that country.


Street markets – in France this is a way of life, a tradition that never dies and an authentic experience you will get when you visit its towns and villages.

Tourists are drawn to France for many reasons: its rich art and culture, magnificent architecture, exquisite cuisine and fine wine but to top it all for its warm welcome it extends to visitors. Possessing endless charms and iconic landmarks, this country remains the top destination in the world.

A country that offers something for everyone – cities, history, mountains, beaches, vineyards – the landscape of France is as distinctive as it is attractive. From the world-renowned Eiffel Tower to the impressive Versailles Palace there are plenty of places to explore in this country and more than that it is safe and easy to get around.

South Korea

Consisting of 4,000 islands with their own unique story, South Korea is considered one of the top most tourist destinations because of its remarkable history and superb food scene.

One of the obstacles when you travel to South Korea is language barrier especially if you don’t have any knowledge of Korean. But what this country lacks in English proficiency, the local people make up for their friendliness. South Koreans are very gracious with foreigners and their country is very safe to visit, there’s even a special force to protect visitors which is the Tourist Police whose main task is to provide foreigners with general information and dissuading crime against travelers.

The Korean people have a diversity of traditions kept alive all throughout the centuries which is fun to explore when you’re on a visit. A nation of long-established values blends with futuristic modernity this is South Korea, the home of K-pop culture and Korean fashion as well.


Bosphuros Strait – also known as the Strait of Istanbul, this body of water links the Asian part with the European side of the city and is not only one of the top destinations to see in Istanbul but remains an essential shortcut route for sea vessels sailing from Asia to Europe.

Home to a very unique crossroad of culture since Turkey links Asia with Europe, a strategic point of connection between the western side of Middle East Asia and Eastern Europe. As a result, this country offers a distinct mix of traditions – a blend of cosmopolitan and rural life, contemporary and ancient values.

Typically, hospitality in inherent in Turkish culture, the people are friendly and accommodating to offer help to any visitor when needed. No wonder it’s one of the main reasons why Turkey is one of the top destinations for travelers beside having a fantastic scenery, rich ancient history and world-famous cuisine. But be courteous as well for their lifestyle is emphasized in good manners.


Normal street scene in bustling Casablanca, the economic lung of Morocco.

The gateway to North Africa, Morocco is a colorful nation that captivates tourists with its ample culture, enthralling history, sophisticated cities and gorgeous coastlines. Since time immemorial, this country is a vibrant trading center that comes lively with different languages and traditions from its different cultures.

Hospitality is natural in Moroccan culture, the people are inclined to welcome travelers warmly into their country, offering each visitor a special mint tea like a member of their family. While the locals speak two languages – Arabic and Amazigh (Bereber), most Moroccans however speak French while many of them can communicate with simple English. This country is famous for being the most tolerant Arab countries due to its open-minded society and rolling out of the red carpet to people.


“Namaste” or “I greet the God with you” is the traditional greeting of the Nepali people which is even extended towards visitors, thus in a series of travel surveys, the have been named the nicest people on earth.

They may come from various ethnic groups and speak quite a number of several dialects but the Nepali people share a common character, they are sociable by nature. Tucked away deeply into the Himalayas between China and India, Nepal is well-known for its amazing landscape, exceptional culture and affectionate people.

Home to numerous temples, monasteries and some of the tallest mountain ranges in the world including the renowned Mt. Everest, conquering its high peaks is risky but the locals are famous for their warmth and hospitality that make their country a great place to visit especially for solo travelers. More than that, Nepal is safe with a very low crime rate.

Traveling to tourist-friendly countries is indeed the most rewarding thing for globetrotters. As the saying goes “it will make the storyteller out of you” because you will not only retell about the beautiful sights you’ve seen but of the kindness you’ve experienced from the people of the places you have been. If you’re wondering which place to visit that will make you feel at ease and comfortable, try to consider the countries mentioned in this article and start ticking the destinations on your travel plan.


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