Top 10 Ultimate Reasons Why You Want To Visit Sydney, Australia At least Once In Your Lifetime – South Pacific Ocean

Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia

Located on the east coast of New South Wales, 8 km. south of Wollongong, Port Kembla is an international gateway for bulk, construction and mining industries. It handles the imports of raw materials and exports of coal and steel. Aside from being a major grain export port in New South Wales, Port Kembla also handles containers, major vehicles, general and break bulk cargoes and iron ore

It is a man-made cargo port with an outer harbor protected by break waters and the inner harbor was made by dredging. Its accessibility to Sydney‘s southwest means that Port Kembla is well positioned to handle expected growth in freight volumes. Over 800 commercial vessels call into this port every year to connect the industries of Illawara region (southwest of Sydney) with the world.

An Overview on Sydney:

It was once a penal colony, but at modern times, Sydney is one of world’s most sought-after places to live. For thousands of years before the arrival of the British, the area was home to the Aborigines, Australia‘s indigenous people. Then in 1788, the first fleet of 1,000 settlers (mostly convicts) from the UK docked on Australia’s shore and their early years at Down Under were grim with the colony almost surrendering to starvation in 1790, situations would later improved until Sydney was incorporated in the 1840s.

The area grew quickly and while trading links with the world was established, the city evolved into a thriving, respectable zone. The British governor between 1810-21, Lachlan Macquarie initiated the building of churches, hospitals, schools, barracks and courthouses then laid out several parks in and around the city. This expansion coexisted with a gold rush in the mid-19th century which brought more settlers from UK into the region.

The Great Depression hit Sydney that resulted into stunted growth for sometime, but despite of it, the Sydney Harbor Bridge was built in 1932 which took 1,400 men and 8 years to finish the iconic bridge. It continued to expand after World War II and more settlers from Europe and Asia arrived, resulting into a melting pot of cultures. Sky crapers popped up into the 1960s with the construction of the famous Opera House in 1973.

Sailing further northeast with the IVS Kingbird into this vast country we reached Port Kembla near Sydney in May of 2016. From the very first inkling, Sydney didn’t just surprised me, it amazed me. This is a city full of life, colorful with its amalgam of cultures and with so much to see, there is only one way to kick off a tour of this vibrant city with these top 10 ultimate reasons why you want to visit Sydney soon.

The Harbor

Yes, it’s a top ultimate reason why you want to visit Sydney because it’s impossible not be impressed with its harbor. Arguably the most beautiful sight in the world – a perfect blue sky, the sun shimmering on the waters, ferries cruising around, its iconic Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. There is something magical about Sydney Harbor.

Its Opera House

But of course, a top ultimate reason why you want to go to Sydney – its Opera House. One of the most famous landmarks in the world, it’s very classic and beautiful especially when seen while crossing the Harbor Bridge, it reflects Australia’s creative and technical achievement. If you don’t visit the Opera House then you’ve never been to Sydney.

The Harbor Bridge

Climb it, walk on it, or sail under it and another top ultimate reason why you want to visit Sydney is its Harbor Bridge. One of Australia‘s most photographed landmarks, this is also the largest steel arch bridge in the world. It also features a “bridge climb” which takes you to the top of this bridge and the breathtaking view of Sydney awaits you.

Luna Park

Definitely a top ultimate reason why you want to visit Sydney is its premier amusement park – Luna which is located at Milson’s Point on the northern shore of its harbor. For the young and the young-at-heart, the colossal smiling face of the moon greets each and everyone at the entrance for free as you go and take a stroll through one of Sydney‘s most well-loved icons. Besides the stunning view to the harbor, Luna Park has different rides and fun houses that will give you a thrilling and fun experience.

Taronga Zoo

In just a 12-minute ferry ride across the harbor, it will drop you off at Taronga Zoo, exactly a top ultimate reason why you want to visit Sydney. Meaning beautiful view in Aboriginal word due to its location high above Sydney Harbor in Mosmon suburb. It is one of Sydney‘s most famous attraction and one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, Taronga Zoo is home to around 4000 rare and endangered animals including Australia’s native wildlife set in their natural environment, not in cages or behind bars.

Diverse Food Culture

In actuality, there’s no typical Aussie dish in Sydney because its vibrant multi-cultural background has resulted to a thriving food scene in the city. When it comes to food, international cuisine is the norm. A top ultimate reason why you want to visit Sydney is because you’ll find a myriad of amazing and authentic Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek, South American and European dishes to indulge in.

A city of vegemite toasts, tim-tams and meat pies

While it is true that Sydney is a melting pot of cultures and international cuisine, however it has no shortage of iconic snacks and unique dishes, the ultimate reasons why you want to visit this city. Vegemite toast is an iconic Aussie breakfast, a salty-savory spread (yeast extract) on a toast sometimes topped with slices of avocado. Meat pies, either beef curry, butter-chicken, chicken-leek or whatever version you imagine of, these hot and flaky packages are ubiquitous and always a good idea in Sydney while tim-tams are the much-loved chocolate-malted biscuits separated by a light chocolate cream filling and coated in a thin layer of chocolate.

And definitely a beach city as well

The famous Bondi Beach in Sydney.

One of the top ultimate reasons why you want to visit Sydney is due to the many spectacular beaches to choose from. It may be a harbor beach, surf beach, white sand or golden…there will always be one that fits your preferences here. Most of its beaches also feature rock pools.

It got an amazing double-decker train system

Sydney’s double-decker trains are one of the top ultimate reasons why you want to visit this city. While they provide an efficient transport system in Sydney, the seating is interchangeable, you can choose to seat facing forward or facing the back (or rear).

Don’t forget that distinct Aussie English

Australia has an informal culture, a place where everyone is addressed by their first names, no “Sir” or “M’am” and the heavy use of diminutives (shortened words in English that ends with a vowel) is an expression of their informality, a top ultimate reasons why you want to visit Sydney.G’day mates? How ya going? Hate it or love it, try our vegemite toast with heaps ofavo (loads of avocado) on top; wear your sunnies (sunglasses) when you go for a stroll at the other side of the Harbor Bridge; and in the arvo (afternoon) you may join a barbie (barbecue) at Bondi; wearing your bathers (bathing suit) may be fine..”

I had an incredible time in Sydney, the experiences I had, the iconic landmarks that I’d seen, its diverse culture that I’ve learned were unforgettable. This has been one of the most exciting journeys in my life, that wraps it up and I don’t need to give you more reasons to visit Sydney, I strongly suggest you go.

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