Top 10 Unusual But Romantic Travel Destinations In The World For Valentine’s Day 2022

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The Maldives

Love is in the air once again and Valentine’s Day is a time for sweethearts to rekindle the fire and magic that they share. During this time, couples go for a romantic dinner while other pairs would just prefer to stay home for a movie marathon, yet there are duos who go for a trip to make this occasion a memorable one.

And when we think of romantic travel destinations, what come to the the mind of course are the usual spots like Paris (France), Venice (Italy), Phuket (Thailand) or Bali in Indonesia. However there are other romantic getaways in the world that are offbeat which will surely fulfill the idea of a perfect date on Valentine’s Day. Here are places I’ve scoured from the countries that I’ve been to bring you the top 10 unusual but romantic travel destinations for Valentine’s Day 2022.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Home of the salsa, most seductive dance in the world and it’s definitely San Juan, Puerto Rico a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022. Full of Latin elegance, this fabulous Caribbean city offers endless cultural jewels that earned its moniker as “the island of enchantment.” Lovers will surely have the chance not only in taking in on its 200 miles of powdery-sand beaches but fall under the spell of old San Juan – wander its cobblestone streets teeming with shops, walk along Paseo de la Princesa where you can find unique pieces of art or jewelry for your loved one, grab a bite of pork belly paella or dance the night away with the salsa at La Factoria, the bar where “Despacito” was filmed.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Magere Brug Bridge in Amsterdam.

This Dutch capital is not only a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022 but a place to enjoy as well. Amsterdam is a real life postcard and by simply touring its beautiful canals on a pedal boat will make you and your partner fall in love with this city. You may explore the city together via a bike ride or stroll over Magere Brug Bridge which is believed that couples who kiss on this bridge will assure them of eternal love, visit Van Gogh Museum or go for a day trip to Bollenstreek for its tulips and daffodil fields.

Sevilla, Spain

Plaza de Espana in Sevilla, Spain

In the land of castanets and flamenco, Don Juan and his “una querida” Carmen, Sevilla in Spain is the perfect, top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022. You and your “el amor” may visit the famous Alcazar of Seville which is an experience that linger on in your heart and mind long after you leave this stunning architecture; take a photo together in front of the historic Plaza de Espana or get lost in the jasmine-perfumed old part of the city Barrio Santa Cruz. There will never be a dull moment for you and your partner when in Seville, you will not only discover a rich and historical legacy but also immerse in a lot of Spanish culture along with tapas and sangria as well.

Marrakech, Morocco

Why not enjoy a 1001 nights (or Arabian nights) in Marrakech, a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022? Famous for its souks (markets) Marrakech in Morocco is a popular spot for couples. Be enchanted by the scents of Djema el Fina Square, explore the ruins of Badi Palace or get lost in Berber villages with camel rides at Essaouira. However, be mindful that public display of affection is a no-no in this city as Morocco is an Islamic country, better save those hugs and kisses inside the comforts of a riad (luxury villa).

Provence, France

Say “je t’aime” with a freshly picked flower from the lavender or jasmine fields from Provence in France which is a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine”s Day 2022. Warm climate, glittering Mediterranean landscape and picturesque hilltop villages greet you and your “amour” in this side of the world. Located inland between Monaco and Nice (France), nothing can really prepare you and your sweetheart for this romantic and fragrant setting – visit the Pope’s Palace in Avignon which was once the residence of 6 popes, stroll through the markets of Aix-en-Provence, walk among lavender fields in Senanque Abbey or just simply watch the sunset from a rooftop bar in Old Marseille.

Sintra, Portugal

Palace of Pena, Sintra, Portugal

The capital of romance Sintra, Portugal, a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022 is a heaven on earth that lies between the Atlantic coast and the Sintra mountains. Dotted with castles, palaces and estates, Sintra is a world made of magic with romantic options and it’s just 15 minutes away from Lisbon. Lose yourself together with your “forever” in the gardens of Quinta da Regaleira or at the Castelo dos Mouros, or maybe just simply fall in love with the Park and Palace of Monterrate.

Brugge, Belgium

Minnewater Bridge, Brugge, Belgium.

In the city of world’s best chocolates, Brugge in Belgium is a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022. From charming architecture and horse-drawn carriages to cozy bars and chocolate stores, there are many romantic things for you and your loved one can do to make this day a memorable one. Explore the Belfry of Brugge, the clock tower which has a carillon with its 47 bells peeling out telling a musical story of the day; visit the Chocolate Story Museum or take a stroll at Minnewater Bridge over the Lake of Love with your significant other to make sure that your love will remain eternal (according to a legend).

Galesnjak Island, Croatia

Famous for its heart-shape, Galesnjak Island in Croatia, a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022 is one of the most favored couple’s haven on earth. Located along the Pasman Canal at the Adriatic Sea, everything in this island is all about love. While Galesnjak is uninhabited and does not have any tourist facility, however it is the perfect place to chill out, camp, swim and share sweet moments with your lover.

The Maldives

A combination of romance and luxury, The Maldives is not only a top unusual but romantic travel destination of Valentine’s Day 2022 but a very ideal spot as well. Scattered like jewels along the Indian Ocean, this chain of 1,200 small coral islands and atolls is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world, a trip to The Maldives guarantees the ultimate terminus for island relaxation to couples. Idyllic activities that you can indulge with your partner include boat cruises, scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping adventures, spa treatments or maybe just taking in the sights of marine life along the reefs.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot air balloons flying over the cave hotels of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Imagine yourself and your beloved waking up in a cave hotel at sunrise with the strange landscape filled with hot-air balloons soaring into the sky. This is the scene in Cappadocia, Turkey, a top unusual but romantic travel destination for Valentine’s Day 2022 famous for its caves, rock formations, hot air balloon rides and so much more.. a fairy tale that comes alive. From exploring the Uchisar Castle (centuries-old citadel perched on a rock spur) to visiting the Goreme Open Air Museum (complex of ancient churches cut into volcanic rock during the Middle Ages) there are so many activities for you and your loved one while in Cappadocia; watch out for the rock formations at sunset and it will take your breath away or you both wake up at 5 a.m. from your cave room and see the sunrise with the hot air balloons at the background is an experience you will never forget.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is not just about going to unusual but romantic travel destinations or having the most cozy and classiest dinner but it is about spending quality time with your beloved. These 10 stunning locations are merely suggestions hoping that they will work magic in bringing your relationship to the next level.

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