Top 7 Ultimate Attractions You Can Visit In Santos, Brazil – Atlantic Ocean 4

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Port of Santos, Brazil

The largest container port in Latin America, Port of Santos which is also in the state of Sao Paulo, connects to over 600 ports in 125 countries around the world. This is the most important trade route in Brazil wherein at least 27% of the country’s trade balance passes thru this port. It possesses an extensive variety of cargo handling terminals such as solid and liquid bulk, containers and general cargo.

Port of Santos is one of the world’s leading coffee ports and the aroma of coffee beans fills the air. Automobiles, bulks of transport equipment and electrical machinery are the other chief exports. There is a petroleum refinery at nearby Cubatao region.

An Overview On Santos:

Only 70 km. from the city of Sao Paulo, Santos is the most important coastal town in Brazil of which its port is the largest in South America. It has been founded by the Portuguese nobleman, Bras Cubas in 1546 and is located on the island of San Vicente. Named after the Hospital dos Santos in Lisbon, this municipality was later settled by the French and English who left their indelible legacy of colonial houses that has been restored to their former glory.

The export of Brazil‘s coffee from the Port of Santos (though coffee is grown in Sao Paulo) is chiefly considered for the wealth of this municipality during the turn of the 20th century. Trade activities through its port turned Santos into a vital outlet for the production of the powerhouse of Sao Paulo state. When slavery was abolished in Brazil in the 19th century, the Port of Santos has been a place of refuge for the thousand of slaves who fled from the coffee plantations in the city of Sao Paulo.

Sadly in 1899, being Latin America’s largest port, Santos has been the point of entry of the deadly bubonic plague in Brazil. In 1924, the town became the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santos. Light crude oil has been discovered off the coast of Santos basin in October 2006.

It was in the middle of my 8-month contract with the IVS Wentworth in 2015 when we were at the Port of Santos for the loading of steel products. While this city is not as well known as the other cities of Brazil, don’t let that deceive you. Santos is small but come in big and unique packages. Here are the top 7 ultimate attractions you can visit in Santos, Brazil .. keep reading.

Memorial Necropole Ecumenica

Here in Santos, the dead gets closer to heaven and yes, thanks to its 10-storey high rise cemetery called Memorial Necropole Ecumenica. An ultimate tourist attraction you can visit in Santos, Brazil this unique burial place and a Guinness Book of World record holder is regarded as the only one of its kind in the world. Built in 1983 and first used in 1984 wherein the casket was placed in an upright position, there are series of pipes installed to direct out the smell of decaying bodies to the top of the building.

One of the floors inside Memorial Necropole Ecumenica.

Santos Shore Garden

The city of Santos boasts of another list in the Guinness Book that of having the longest beach garden in the world. This 17-km stretch of stunning green space that separates the coastline from the city will entice you to have a stroll and indeed an ultimate tourist attraction you can visit in Santos, Brazil. Small cafes nearby offer a chance offer for a dip of their fabled Bourbon coffee or you can just simply soak up the relaxing atmosphere.

Aerial view of Santos Shore Garden.

Coffee Stock Exchange

At some point in Santos‘ history, this building was once an important piece of the coffee exchange business in Brazil. Now turned into a museum (Museu do Cafe), it is an ultimate tourist attraction you can visit in Santos, Brazil where you will learn the history of the country’s coffee production. Located near the harbor this art-deco building stands tall and proud, a silent witness of how the coffee farmers (in Sao Paulo) once haggled with capitalists on the price of their produce before being shipped out to the world.

You can still buy the premium Brazilian coffee when you visit the former Coffee Stock Exchange. Vendors will give you a free taste of their Bourbon– which has a distinct dark chocolate, with a slightly buttery taste.

Interior of the Museo do Cafe (Coffee Stock Exchange) in Santos.

Cup after cup of Brazil’s Bourbon coffee.

The Bondes

In 1909 the bondes (trams) were inaugurated as the foremost way of transportation around the city center of Santos. Hundred years later, they have transformed not only as one of the choices for tourists to explore this city but have become the ultimate tourist attractions you can visit in Santos, Brazil. So don’t miss the chance to have a ride in one of the city’s icon as it will transport you “back in time” along Santos‘ old town where grand old gentlemen (drivers) will tell you legends and interesting stories of days gone by in the area.

Santos Futebol Clube

If you are a football enthusiast, then this is a must-see. It was in this stadium where the soccer legend, Pele played most of his career. Another ultimate tourist attraction you can visit in Santos, Brazil where you can find an exhibit of some of the trophies and timelines in Brazilian football history.

Museu do Pele

And there’s no need to introduce Pele as he is the world’s greatest football player of all time. Born Edson “Pele” Arantes do Nascimento, he was only 15 years old when he signed for Santos Football Club in 1956 and never stopped scoring goals since then. To celebrate his life and career, the city where he made it very famous opened the Museu do Pele in October 2014 during the world cup in Brazil.

Just a stone’s throw away from the harbor, this ultimate tourist attraction you can visit in Santos, Brazil will give you the opportunity to learn how Pele became a legend. The 4,000 sq.m. complex also houses more than 2,500 items related to his football carer including trophies, his jerseys and photos of him with world leaders and celebrities.

On November 19, 1969, Pele scored his 1000th goal and the city of Santos proclaimed it as Pele Day since then. He became Brazil’s Extraordinary Minister of Sports between 1995-1998.

Monte Serrat Hill

Now, if you want to see the best vantage view of Santos, take the funicular up to Monte Serrat Hill. Or if you are physically fit, then you can climb the 460-step staircase to the summit. Another ultimate tourist attraction you can visit in Santos, Brazil, at the top stands Our Lady of Mount Serrat chapel built by the Portuguese in the 17th century which is attributed with many miracles. Numerous soccer jerseys, wedding veils, crutches and canes adorn the chapel’s walls as thanksgiving offerings for answered prayers received with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, patron of Monte Serrat.

Our Lady of Monte Serrat chapel.

Way to Monte Serrat Hill- either you use the 460-step staircase or the funicular.

With having the largest port in Latin America, this area is “notorious” for its red-light district to seafarers but Santos, being Brazil‘s coffee town has proven to every traveler’s cup of tea. The mood here is relaxed, most people walked around the city in barefoot especially at the shore garden. If one day you go to Brazil, consider Santos in your radar for it is just a 2-hour ride away from Sao Paulo. Boa suerte e fique seguro. (Good luck and stay safe.)

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