Top 8 Things You’re Afraid To Do But Should Try When You Visit Taraunga, New Zealand -Bay of Plenty, South Pacific Ocean

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Port of Tauranga, New Zealand

Located on the north-east coast of North Island is New Zealand‘s largest port – Port of Tauranga. In terms of cargo volume, this is the natural gateway to and from international markets for the country’s businesses situated in an innate harbor and protected by Mt. Maunganui, it offers a good shelter in all kinds of weather.

Port of Tauranga has a total of 15 berths, 12 of which are located on Mt. Maunganui and Matukana Island side of the harbor catering cargo vessels such as wood, coal and bulk liquids. The other three are located along Tauranga Terminal at Sulphur Point handling container ships including refrigerated freight. Indeed this is the most horizontally and vertically integrated port in

An Overview on Tauranga

Located on Te Papa peninsula meaning “flat land”, the first settlers were the Maori tribes in the 13th century and they called their land, “Tauranga-moana”. Then the first batch of Europeans came in 1835 who were British Anglicans and established the Church Missionary Society on the land purchased from the Maoris. In 1864 the British military set up Camp Te Papa at the northern part of the port of what is now the Tauranga central business district.

As the town developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Borough Council purchased properties by the waterfront for recreational purposes. By 1916, the East Coast Railway was established near the harbor and in 1963, Tauranga earned its city hood. Meaning “sheltered waters” in Maori language, Tauranga at present is one of New Zealand‘s fastest growing area, being the economic hub of the Bay of Plenty region that supports a vast array of manufacturing, tourism, agricultural and horticultural businesses.

Map of New Zealand showing the location of Tauranga.

With its sparkling harbor and fantastic views that make it a great area to rest and recharge for sailors like us, we arrived at Tauranga Port via the IVS Kingbird on September 2016. Practically encompassed by the Bay of Plenty, the city has a stunning vista alongside the iconic Mt. Maunganui. This bustling port town in New Zealand offers a handful of activities to do but I’ve written down a list on the top things you’re afraid to do but should try here in Tauranga.

1. Swim with the wild dolphins at the Bay of Plenty.

Yes it is, you can swim with wild dolphins at the Bay of Plenty, a top things you’re afraid to do but should try in Tauranga. With a guide, this experience offers you an amazing rendezvous with these lovely sea creatures using safe swim bars for you to hold on while at the open waters of the city. A once-in-a-lifetime chance, you can also come across orcas, humpback whales, blue penguins, New Zealand‘s fur seals and a lot more.

2. Take a glow worm kayaking tour at night on Lake McLaren.

If New Zealand is one of your travel bucket lists, a glow worm tour is probably a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try in Tauranga. As dusk sets in, guides will lead you on tranquil Lake McLaren to uncover the magic of the tantalizing glow worm canyon. An ideal way to spend the evening, you’ll be taken on an expedition to see New Zealand‘s mysterious fungus gnat, a non-biting insect similar to mosquitoes, (glow worm) on a cave located on top of the lake where said glow worms are found.

3. Challenge your adrenaline at an aerial obstacle course.

A test to your physical skills, the forest aerial obstacle course which may be a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try in Tauranga is a good way to boost your confidence. You may swing, climb and fly your way among the trees just like Tarzan as you go through different courses to challenge your adrenaline from 1.5 meters on the lowest pathway to 31 meters into the air on the highest. Situated at the forest by the Bay of Plenty, test yourself physically and mentally as you go about swing bridges, wrecking balls and flying fox.

4. Try a stand-up paddle boarding off Mt. Maunganui beach.

A coastal town teeming with cafes, bars and surfers which is twenty minutes away from Tauranga, this is the ultimate place for you to get the hang of stand-up paddle boarding, a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try in the city. Pilot Bay in Mt. Maunganui is a sheltered beach suited for stand-up paddle boarding where guides will teach you the wading techniques before hitting the harbor on your knees.

5. Soak and relax at a steaming hot pool and mud bath in Rotorua.

Known for its therapeutic benefits, soak and relax at a steaming hot pool in Rotorua, a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try when in Tauranga. Soak in this salt-water pool and it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and don’t forget the mud bath, it can do a magic to your body as well. Rotorua is well-known for it’s volcanic and geo-thermal activity, perfect for bathing and relaxing or just to unwind.

6. Skydive over the sprawling city.

And for that ultimate thrill of your life, book for a two-some skydive and see the Bay of Plenty, a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try in Tauranga. During the twenty minute scenic flight, you will be rewarded with epic view over the city before you jump free falling at 200 km-hour up to 15,000 feet.

7. Wander through native bush and farmland at Te Puke, the kiwifruit capital of the world.

The Te Puke region is a powerhouse of kiwis, being the kiwifruit capital of the world and beyond horticulture, wander through native bush and farmland as well, a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try in Tauranga. Meaning “the hill” in Maori, Te Puke also grows oranges and lemons aside from kiwifruit orchard. It is also home to comvita honey where at the Te Puke Visitor Center, you will be offered to view a working (bee) hive.

8. Hike up to The Mount on Mt. Maunganui.

And of course a visit here would not be complete without hiking up to The Mount on Mt. Maunganui, a top thing you’re afraid to do but should try in Tauranga. The Bay of Plenty‘s most iconic landmark, enjoy a panoramic view of the city from The Mount especially on a clear day where you can see the coastline and Tauranga town center.

Tauranga indeed is a city not to be missed when you travel to New Zealand‘s North Island. Home to a pocketful of sunny days to enjoy the outdoors, this city is the consummate site of cultural and environmental luxuriance New Zealand is famous for. An energetic median between Wellington and Auckland, Tauranga is one of the ultimate kiwi destination on this side of Aetearoa (Maori name for New Zealand).

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