Why You Have To Visit Delaware As Your Next Destination? – Delaware River

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Port of Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Formerly called the Wilmington Marine Terminal, Port of Wilmington is a deep-water port situated at the area where Christina and Delaware rivers meet in Wilmington, Delaware. Ranked as the top North American port for the imports and exports of fruits and juice concentrates, it also has the largest dock-side cold-storage facility. Port of Wilmington also handles automobile, steel, forest products, livestock, petroleum and other cargo.

Founded in 1923, the this port has been a major mid-Atlantic import/export gateway for an extensive variety of maritime cargoes and trade. This is the busiest terminal along the Delaware River. Wilmington port has also handled specialized cargo like Antares rocket parts from Ukraine and wind turbine blades from South America.

An Overview On Delaware:

Before the Europeans sighted of what is known today as the state of Delaware, the area has been settled first by two Native American Indian tribes: the Lenne Lenape and the Nanticoke. Henry Hudson explored Delaware Bay in 1609 while looking for a passage to China and a year later, Sir Samuel Argall accidentally found the bay as well on his way to Virginia and named it De La Warr after Virginia’s governor.

The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle in Delaware in 1638 but were wiped out when they got into a fight with the Indians. Swedish settlers established another settlement soon after, and they named the place Fort Christina (present day Wilmington). Over the next several years, control over the settlement changed hands among the Dutch and the British.

Delaware became part of Pennsylvania colony in 1682 and in 1704, it had its own government though it shared a governor with Pennsylvania until the Revolutionary War. On June 15, 1776, Delaware declared its independence from British rule and signed the Declaration of Independence with other colonies on July 4th. It became the 1st state on December 07, 1789 and has since been known by its nickname, the “First State.”

Map showing the location of Delaware.

Welcome to Delaware... not many people know how attractive this small, but First State in America is. Today, I am here to talk about its top-rated tourist attractions that I’ve seen on December 1992 aboard M/T Knock Allan through Port of Wilmington. Not only is the home state of President Joe Biden but Delaware has a lot of beautiful parks and historic estates which you can visit that document the fortunes of one of America‘s wealthiest industrialist families – the du Pont, like their Winterthur Museum and Gardens. So let’s discover the reasons why you have to visit these top attractions in Delaware.


Glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the du Ponts (Burgundian Huguenot noble family from France who migrated to America in the 1800s and founded E.I. du Pont Nemours and Company, engaged in gunpowder business), one of Delaware‘s historic families by exploring Winterthur Mansion and Gardens. Considered as America‘s finest museum of decorative arts, this estate was built by Henry Francis du Pont to display his wide collection of priceless antiques and artworks, a reason why you have to visit Delaware.

The 175 rooms to explore were outlined to be as historically accurate as possible with every piece of antique arranged to specific periods in history. Outside the mansion is a 1,000-acre garden where du Pont reveled his passion in plants as well, creating a botanical park based on colors and blooming season, thus even in winter or autumn, the garden is still magnificent with flowers, a reason why you have to visit Delaware.

A “fairy cottage” inside Winterthur Gardens.

Shopping is TAX-FREE

True, you read it right, Delaware doesn’t impose on sales tax, that is why you have to visit this state because the price tag you see on the items will be the price you pay. So go crazy at its boutiques, malls and outlets..shop until you drop.

Take a steam-train ride on the WILMINGTON & WESTERN RAILROAD

One of east coast’s first scenic railroads, the Wilmington and Western Railroad has taken thousands of visitors each year on a train ride that whiz on tracks that date back to the 1870s. This steam train will take you through the charms of picturesque Red Clay Creek Valley of Wilmington, a reason why you have to visit Delaware, while learning the immense history of the state from the narrator in this train ride.

Indulge at an outdoor recreation at BRANDYWINE CREEK STATE PARK, Wilmington

Stone walls from the 19th century decorating Brandywine Creek State Park.

A former du Pont farm, Brandywine Creek State Park is a year-round attraction why you have to visit Delaware and enjoy the outdoors. A park like no other, it consist or 4 nature reserves: Tulip Tree Woods, Flint Woods, Fresh Water Marsh and Craney Tract. You can go for a hike along the Rocky Run Trail or Greenways Trail or maybe check out for the historical stone walls from the 19th century decorating the park.

Join a guided tour at HAGLEY MUSEUM AND LIBRARY

Delaware’s Eleutherian Mills is the original home of the du Pont family where Hagley Museum and Library is located, a reason why you have to visit America’s First State. Constructed in the 19th century, it is considered as the best example of cultural preference in that period and comprises the gunpowder mills, their estate and its vast garden. The library’s emphasis is on American business and technology while the mills showcases how gunpowder was made plus a display of their collection of antique cars used by the family throughout the years.


In 1880, the first beauty contest in America was held here with Thomas Edison as one of the 3 judges. Since then, this iconic boardwalk has been the hub of activity in Rehoboth Beach, and it’s why you have to visit Delaware as there’s no attraction in the First State quite like this. Stretching over a mile long, you can choose from an abundance of activities like watching free performances or indulge on fresh seafood from the numerous cafes to satisfy your cravings.

Explore NEMOURS MANSION and its French-style garden.

Another du Pont estate to explore and why you have to visit Delaware, Nemours Mansion was built by Alfred du Pont in 1910 and surrounded by a 300-acre French-style garden. A guided tour will take you to the lavishly-decorated rooms that include a fitness area, a bowling alley and an ice-making room. At Nemours, there is also a collection of vintage cars owned by Alfred du Pont.

Birthplace of the PHONOGRAPH

Millenials, hear ye…did you know that before the advent of playlists, USBs and VCDs, there were phonographs and records? The world gives credit to Eldridge Reeves Johnson (1867-1945) who grew up in Wilmington as the founder of Victrola (Victory Talking Machine Co.) known today as RCA record players. However, Johnson grew up in Dover, Delaware and it’s where you can find the Victrola Museum which features a vast array of phonographs, records and other memorabilia related to this era in the music industry, a top reason why you have to visit Delaware. An oil painting of Nipper, the dog from the RCA trademark, “His Master’s Voice” hangs as a centerpiece in the museum.

Johnson Victrola Museum in Dover, Delaware.

Experience walking on ASHLAND COVERED BRIDGE, oldest in Delaware

Delaware state may be small in size but it comes big in some unique finds like the Ashland Covered Bridge, the oldest you can find in the First State. Standing since 1860 among the most beautiful scenery you’ll discover, this lattice truss bridge is one of the hidden wonders of Brandywine and Red Clay Valley. A piece of Delaware history and why you have to visit the area, walking on this bridge is a truly unique experience.

Sometimes known as the “Diamond State” after Thomas Jefferson described Delaware a jewel for its very auspicious location, this place is filled with moments you will always treasure for a lifetime. The gifts that it has been blessed with are endless and I hope that you share my vision. Pack you bags and camera as soon as travel restriction eases and get ready to quench your wanderlust.

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